Goofy Love

5:20 PM

Sometimes it's just fun to be goofy with the man you love.
I sometimes forget how lucky Ryan and I truly are.
I love our life together.
These pics were taken after Ryan had hung up ALL of our laundry while I laid in bed so tired I could hardly move.  He didn't even complain.
I laid on the bed and we talked while he folded and hung, so nicely, our clothes in the closet.
He was so happy the entire time.  
He never complained that he had a lazy wife or that I should be doing half to make things "fair".  
He just quietly folded and hung our clothes and then snuggled me on the bed while we listed to old 90's music.
He was impressed that I knew every lyric to every rap song from '98-2004.
What can I say...I was gangsta.
Basically what I am trying to say is that I have a stellar husband.  I wish I was a better wife because I complain and I whine.  If I am not happy, you will always probably know about it.  If Ryan isn't happy...well I don't actually know what happens then because I don't think I have seen him unhappy. 
All I know is that he always inspires me to be a better person and helps me to let loose once in a while.   
For that I am forever grateful.

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