10:24 AM

I'm on phones today at work.  I get stupid people calling me all day, but sometimes I get a funny one and I have to share.  I answered the phone as normal and asked this patient why they needed to see the doctor.  The patient said he was having problems with his nose.  Ok...can you be a little more specific?  He then said every time he puts his head between his legs he gets a horrible smell in his nose and he can't seem to get rid of it.  He decided not to schedule because we couldn't see him right away today.  Hopefully he realizes all he needs to do is take a shower and perhaps wipe a little better and it will save him a copay.  I love my job. 

2:14 PM

A friend of mine past away recently.  This, in turn, made church a little different for me on Sunday and it got me to thinking.  What have I been doing with my life or more importantly, what wasn't I doing that maybe I should be doing?  I sometimes feel a little lost in what I should be doing with my life instead of stopping and truly feeling inspired to do that which is right.  Mostly what has been most logical has usually been what I have felt inspired to do but I keep feeling like I should be doing more.  The man that I knew who passed away was a mover and a shaker.  He was truly on the go constantly and was so creative personally and professionally.  He was a brilliant business man and a wonderful father and friend.  You never know how long you have on this earth and sometimes our perspectives can become clouded, for one reason or another.  I feel honored to have known this man and to have associated with him for as long as I did.  I will never forget the lessons he taught me nor the man that he was. He will be missed but not forgotten.

2:12 PM

So Ryan made out like a bandit for Father's Day.  He has been mulching in his baggies and since he only has one pair I decided it was time to splurge and get a new pair that isn't covered in dirt.  This new pair will be the non-mulching baggies.  Ryan still sing the song "You are my sunshine" to me whenever I feel blue so I framed up this picture for him.  Hopefully it will one day go in our nursery when Ryan sings to our own baby.  I of course had to get him chocolate and then I happened to find the Warped Tour CD at Target on sale.  It was so fun to celebrate Ryan and all of our fathers during that special day.  I love you Ryan.  You will always be my sunshine. 

2:03 PM

Last weekend we went camping with our ward.  Last year we went camping with our old ward and it took me a lot of convincing to go and the experience was less than desirable.  It was super cold and rainy and the food was...well lets just say I didn't eat a whole lot.  This year was WAY better.  Our bishop has a cabin close to the Manti Temple where they were happening to have the pageant on the same weekend of the camp-out.  It was a blast to drive down with our friends and all pitch a tent together and enjoy tri-tip steak for dinner.  We all got a great nap during the pageant (whoops) and we even had access to a bathroom and running water to wash up at night and in the morning.  My kind of camping!  It was a great camping experience for me and redeemed Ryan's hope of ever camping again.  Here is a picture overload of the weekend.

The car was packed full!  And you can see my snuggie.

Poor Lara had to climb in and out a million times.

They might have been squished but they were happy.

The Manti Temple

A pic of the Bishop's cabin

All 6 of us fit inside that tent.  That's were the magic happens.

Us at the pageant...right before we took a fabulous nap.

Ryan was drinking this delicious drink...some kind of homemade lemonade and I couldn't drink any of it :(  Ryan enjoyed it though.

The bugs were out in full force that night and Whitney was fully protected. Lol

Ryan and Tyler surprisingly didn't break this rope swing when they did a double dismount from the tree.  Surprisingly no one was hurt during this crazy weekend. 

7:52 PM

Dada is usually every child's first word.  Now why is that?  Mommy birthed you, fed you in the middle of the night, and most of the time is the one person you spend the most time with as a baby, and yet our first word is Dada.  My theory is that Dad has always been the one to play with you when Mom had a headache or was too tired.  Dad would tickle you and bring you home fun things from work.  He would read you stories and let you stay up later when Mom wasn't home.  Our Dad's have always been our heros.
I am truly the female version of my Dad.  We have acne together, we have indigestion together, we even have low blood sugar together!  But we also have the same mannerisms, the same zest for the gospel and the same drive that makes it hard for us to accept anything but perfection.  My Dad has always been my hero.  When life got hard, my Dad perservered and always turned to the gospel for strength.  Though busy with numberous callings he always made time for me and my siblings.  We would play games together, go to the beach and watch old movies.  Even working in the yard would be fun because Dad was there.  As I have gotten older I can see how influencial my Dad has been in my life and am so grateful for what he has taught me and look forward to the many lessons I know he will continue to teach me.  
When I was little someone once told me I looked exactly like my Dad.  I later went to my Mom crying saying, "I look like a boy!"  No, I don't think I look like a boy, but I am proud to say I am my father's daughter. 

Right before Ryan and I got married I took a trip to Nicaragua with his family.  I was nervous to go to a country that spoke Spanish since I had only taken 2 years of Latin in High School and only knew like 5 Spanish words.  One word I learned on that trip was Nuera.  Nuera means daughter-in-law in Spanish and my father-in-law called me that throughtout the whole trip.  Though Ryan and I weren't married my father-in-law, Mark, made me feel welcome and a part of the family as he introduced me to all of their friends.  
Mark is a business man by day but a true adventurer at heart.  There is hardly anything that will get in the way of Mark having a little fun...even if it means taking my husband out in a hurricane to surf because the waves are good :)  He is such an example to me of someone with a pure heart who is always willing to serve and help out a friend.  I know that Ryan got his easy-going nature and his big heart from his Dad.  I have felt some much love from Mark and know that Ryan will also be an amazing Father as he has had a great example to pave the way.  I have been so blessed to marry into such a loving and accepting family. 
Mark, you too are my hero!  


3:32 PM

Yesterday I got a surprise in my mailbox.  My visiting teachers were coming over and so I rushed home from work and made my usual stop at the mailbox on the way inside. Normally I'm looking for my JCrew magazine or my Real Simple but neither of the magazines were due so I went just to not upset the postman as the stupid paper advertisements clog up our box.  Low and behold an envelope from the IRS.  Yikes! 
Ryan had done our taxes this year and my mind started to think of all the crazy scenarios for why the IRS would send us something.  I went inside and opened the envelope and instead of a notice to audit us I found a check.  An $800.26 check to be exact!  So I show Ryan and we start to think about his...why would the government give us $800 dollars?  Is this a scam?  Do we really have $800 more dollars to put in the bank?  This NEVER happens right?
So this morning, between Ryan and I, we called every 1-800 number on the IRS website we could call to verify that this was indeed our money and that they wouldn't coming looking for it one day.  I finally, after being on hold for 25 minutes, got a hold of a nice country lady named Ms. Davis who promptly told me, after we played 20 very personal questions, that yes the money was ours!  Apparently we qualified for an $800 tax refund and they just never sent it to us!  (The .26 cents was interest)  This is by far the craziest thing because Ryan and I always talk about how cool it would be if someone just gave us money we weren't expecting it and how nice it would be to feel a little more secure...and then it happened!  I always hate seeing how much money from every paycheck gets taken out for Social Security and Medicare and State taxes and I absolutely still do, but at least for today I won't be complaining about it. 
We are so blessed.      

2:22 PM

Life has been pretty busy lately, but we have still managed to find time to have some fun.

We all enjoyed some wings at Wing Nuts last Saturday...50% of us ended up in the bathroom after this adventure, but I'm pretty sure the boys would do it again in a heartbeat.

We also adventured to Ikea were Ryan and Derek plotted on how they could stay in the store until closing where no one would find them.  I think this might actually work!

We are just so glad the summer is here so we can keep on having awesome adventures.  Anyone know of any cool day trips or fun things to do in the summer in Utah?  We are up for anything!

12:52 PM

After 2+ months of feeling like crap I finally got the courage (and insurance) to go to the doctor.  Tomorrow I'll be going to the hospital for a few tests, which I am not too thrilled about, but I'm running out of options and am so tired of feeling terrible and having to put on a smiley face everyday when really I just want to curl up in my bed and sleep.

Here is a summary of what I'll be doing at the hospital thanks to Wikipedia.

A glucose tolerance test is a medical test in which glucose is given and blood samples taken afterward to determine how quickly it is cleared from the blood. The test is usually used to test for diabetes, insulin resistance, and sometimes reactive hypoglycemia or rarer disorders of carbohydrate metabolism. In the most commonly performed version of the test, an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT), a standard dose of glucose is ingested by mouth and blood levels are checked two hours later. Many variations of the GTT have been devised over the years for various purposes, with different standard doses of glucose, different routes of administration, different intervals and durations of sampling, and various substances measured in addition to blood glucose.

I got to thinking, don't most pregnant women have to do this test for gestational diabetes?  I'm not sure, but if you have ever had this test done let me know how it went.  I'm nervous because they say that I'll be feeling super funky and dizzy afterward and I have been trying to avoid that feeling for the last 2 months.  I'm just hopeful they will find something so I can start feeling like normal again.

6:41 PM

So I have debated about posting this story, but I just can't help myself.  It might be TMI for some of you so readers beware.

I was overdue for my yearly woman check-up.  No biggie right?  I have, in the past, had fairly good experiences and I wasn't hardly worried at all about the exam.  Been there done that.  So as I walk back to the exam room after checking in and paying a co-pay for this uncomfortable visit I pass by a doctor who I thought I recognized.  Nah, how would I know ANY doctors out in Utah, right?  WRONG!  As soon as I realized who it was I started to panic.  Deep breaths, deep breaths.  He's a doctor.  Totally professional.  And he might not even be my doctor right?  Wrong again.  After a knock on the door Ryan's male COUSIN, who I have seen multiple times and who I will AGAIN see at family functions walks though the door.  The whole reason why I go to this practice is because I never see the same doctor for this exam!  Yet here I am face to face with Ryan's cousin and I'm just suppose to spread 'em!  I am trying not to laugh because at this point I was either going to laugh or cry and I was about to be embarrassed enough so I decided to just laugh it off.  He was so nice and very professional and asked if I wanted another doctor.  At this point I didn't want to be rude and I wasn't too bothered...if I didn't think about it too much...so I said it was fine with me if it was fine with him.  He was great and very helpful with some other health issues I had questions with so overall it wasn't too bad.  I just don't know how I'm going to feel when I see him again.  I am going to have to try not to EVER think about how he saw me totally naked.  Perfect.  Luckily my breast exam was done last year so he said I was good to go until next year.  The boobs were safe.  Sigh.  I must have angered the medical Gods because I seriously do not embarrass easily but I definitely got a little pink in the cheeks.  Next time I'll make sure to check if any of my relatives are on call before I head on over to bare all.  Lesson learned.      

6:19 PM

For Memorial Day Ryan and I road-tripped it with the Glassmans down to Arizona to visit our friends the Broadbents.  We were so excited to get away and have a relaxing long weekend.  Here we are at some no-mans-land gas station stretching our legs. 

After 10 1/2 hours in the car we had finally made it.  Tyler's Dad was nice enough to take us out on the boat on Friday to wakeboard and get ourselves a nice Arizona tan.

Each of our men were very impressive on the wakeboard.  I had never wakeboarded in such a tight canyon and surrounded by rock and mountains.  It was so beautiful and the weather was perfect.

Lara was keeping everyone safe by waving the flag when someone went down.

Lara and Whitney braved the cold lake water too.  I was super impressed.

I tried to stay on dry ground as much as possible while taking pictures of everyone.

There might have been too much lovin' going on while we were on the boat.  I call it lake fever.

That night we went on the hunt for scorpions.  They happen to glow green when you shine a blacklight on them so we took a blacklight and BBQ tongs and went hunting.  I can't believe these were all crawling in the backyard!  We properly disposed of them after trying to find as many as we could.  For those of you who don't know what you would do to kill scorpions, here you go...
Yep...we had a little roast.  Bye bye scorpions.

Here is the proof that we did attend church.  Tyler's dad spoke in Sacrament meeting and did a great job.  It was fun to go to a different ward but I forgot how noisy the family wards are!  The kids were everywhere and it felt like home.

We were loving playing games outside to enjoy the perfect weather.  Bocce ball was a favorite.  Ryan's form is stellar :)

We were loving being outdoors!  P.S. they caught a scorpion on the wall right behind us the night before!

The chickas were looking glamorous while the boys...
...did their own thing.  So cute.  We might have spent a little too much time together though.

Here we are at our last stop on our drive home.  We had so much fun and were so sad to leave paradise.  We got so spoiled with yummy food and perfect weather.  Thanks Broadbent's for being amazing hosts.  After a week of recovery I am totally ready for another adventure.  Who's with me?!

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