5:11 PM

(On moving day into our new apartment in Orlando)

Whoa, I know...you are seeing right.  
It's me! 
I always hate when people post about "how they haven't posted in forever and that they are totally going to start blogging again...be prepared for pictures" crap.  And now that is totally me...and was me in June when I last posted.  So sorry about that.
I would love to lie to you and say that I have been so busy that I haven't had a second to post on the blog.  But that would be false.  I have a few seconds...here and there...to post but instead I have been sitting on my rear reading my Kindle and catching up on my TV shows.  To be honest, my down-time is very limited and to use my brain power to type sentences that make sense, use semi-accurate grammar and tell the details of my life seem absolutely overwhelming, if not like a chore more than anything.
I know I need to suck it up and just do it, so after a long Sunday, a rare nap and a yummy dinner here I am ready to give you all an update.
   Ryan is kicking butt at Grad school, just like I knew he would.  Because of BYU's stellar undergrad program, Ryan will graduate August of THIS YEAR!!  Miracle of miracles!  
So he will have gotten his Master's Degree in one year instead of two.  
Since his fellowship pays for his schooling, expenses and gives him a stipend we will have paid a whopping $0 for Grad school for him.  Shut the front door.  The stipend has allowed us to pay off all of our debts and helps supplement the ridiculous rent (compared to free rent in Provo), utilities and gas.  It is a huge blessing and I thank Heavenly Father everyday for that blessing.  
Ryan is getting published, which is pretty big news and great for the resume.  We are now applying for jobs and contemplating having Ryan do an MBA after working for a few years.  A brain like his should not go to waste and I know he plans on going places and I am so proud of him!
Ryan is not only doing full-time school, but works for the university as well...and has been the Executive Secretary of our ward for quite a few months now.  He is stellar at his calling.  He LOVES the youth and wishes he could spend all of his time with them and manages to sneak into activities and spend some quality time with them when he can.  
He continues to be an example of true charity and service to me everyday.
Example: I spent Saturday at Youth Conference.  Came home and the house was completely clean.  Floors scrubbed, kitchen clean, toilets gleaming.  He said that he just wanted me to come home and be able to relax and not have to worry about the house.  Come on now.  If that isn't true love is than I don't know what is.
I could tell you a million more Ryan stories but I don't want people to start gagging.
I'll just say I am more in love with my best friend everyday.
I keep myself busy trying not a catch a crazy disease at work.  I work for Infectious Disease doctors who all rotate at the local hospitals.  I actually enjoy what I do.  I am good at what I do...when my brain is functioning, that is.  
We see a crazy gamut of patients...some of which have HIV, hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases, MRSA, C-Diff...the list is truly endless. It is humbling and frightening at the same time.  Most of these patients either made a life choice that ended them in this position, or were sick in the hospital and caught something else during their hospital stay.  I still love the medical field and feel drawn to it naturally, but have yet to decide my ultimate career path.
Once Ryan gets a job, back to school I go.  For what?  That is a mystery to me still, but perhaps once I jump back in to my studies, that detail will eventually be made known to me.  In the meantime I am happy to be supporting my family.
Most of my time is spent at work or commuting to and from work, but my head is with my young women.  Always.  There are few moments of the day when I am not thinking, praying or talking about them.  I don't have children but I can see how parents can't stop talking about their children and just focus on themselves during a date because Ryan and I talk about them all of the time.  Though my stress level is at an all-time high, I wouldn't have it any other way.  
My young women are amazing.  Inspiring. Courageous.  
Did I want to curl up into a ball and never get out of bed when I got the call?  Yes. 
Was I worried about my age?  What other people thought of me and my age?  Yes
Did I know how to be a Young Women's President?  No.  H No.
But here I am.  The Lord has sustained me, of that I am certain.  I could not do what I do without the help of the Lord.  These girls are so impressionable and their salvation weighs heavily on my soul. 
I remember being their age, obviously not too long ago.  It is still fresh to me.  I use that to my advantage.  That advantage sometimes scares me as I wonder, how did I make it to where I am today?  Yes, I had amazing Young Women's leaders over the years.  But my decisions to have a testimony and  marry in the temple were mine.  My parents were numero uno in my book for examples, then came leaders, and friends.  I just hope and pray that we are giving the girls spiritual experiences that allow them to feel the spirit, grow their testimonies and make decisions that will bring them lasting happiness.
Am I the greatest Young Women's President?  Obviously no.
Will I ever be the greatest?  No
Do I hope to make a difference in the lives of these girls?  Every day.

So to sum it up...life is wonderful.     

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