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I was blog stalking, as usual, when I came upon a friend's blog who I love to read.  The blog is personal, fun and very relatable.  The whole post was about running.  Now, I am not a runner.  Nope.  Not even close.  Sure, I danced ballet, jazz, tap, and modern.  Yes, I do yoga and pilates.  I even consciously choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator when I can, but I am no runner.  
See, I have this theory about runners.  Most women that I know who run are moms.  Moms whose schedules are crazy busy.  Moms whose lives could use a break.  Hence the running.  Not that the moms are necessarily running away from their kids, but they are finally able to get out on their own and accomplish something for themselves.  (And get sexy in the process!)  So I thought to myself, "Maybe I'll start running after I have kids."  Procrastinators unite.
This brings me back to the blog.  So my friend is thinking of not only running the entire Disney Marathon, but the half as well!  Seriously?!  And she doesn't have kids.  Wait, what now?!  Yep.  And she sounds totally confident and actually wants to do this.  They are also doing it for a great cause.  Dang you freaking charities.  
So my questions is...should I be a procrastinator runner?      

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