29 Jan 2010

4:46 PM

January is a huge month in the celeb world...it begins the start of award show season! It also means celebs are out and about preparing for shows and coming out of the woodwork. My question is...why can't I ever see one in person?!?! I totally live for celebrity blogging...i check it daily, I love my people.com I mean come on! Seriously! Jenni and I went celeb hunting up in Park City for the Sundance Film Festival and came up totally skunked. We did have a blast meeting people and getting tons of free stuff though, so believe me it was not a totally loss, and it totally makes it worth it when you have great company. Here's hoping for next year!

Date Night! Ryan and I went with Lara and Tyler and Mark and Debra to Jump On It to well...jump on it! It a crazy ghetto place made of trampolines where ADD kids come to give their parents an hour of relief. Cue the married people! The husbands were all about going crazy stunts and flips and the girls loved watching them fall all over the place. I decided to take some video and I have to say I was quite impressed by their jumping skills. We topped off the night by a crazy amount of Farrs ice cream and a $5 pizza and a movie. Gotta love Provo.


9:00 PM

So sorry for the inconvenience of not being able to comment. The comment buttons are now all functioning properly so feel free to shoot the breeze and leave a comment or two whenever compelled. We looooove comments!
Now try not to comment on this ancient photo...I bet you can't!


28 Jan 2010

8:53 PM

So Ryan has been doing nothing but write music and sing since we got back from Christmas. It doesn't help that I keep banishing him to the other room in the house because I have to do Relief Society stuff so all he's able to do is write and play! Ryan says I'm not allowed to hear all of the lyrics so all I have been hearing is the same chorus over and over and over. Lol...it's actually been really fun to see him so into his music and being really dedicated to finishing a song. He has about 10 songs that are started but not finished so he is a man on a mission! I'm so excited he is finishing songs so that hopefully soon I'll be jamming out to Ryan Vorwaller in my car instead of Jason Mraz.

28 Jan 2010

8:39 PM

We invited Dad over for a dinner date at our house. A delicious lasagna was served and conversation led to jobs, taxes, and the Florida stake's upcoming Stake Conference. Dad always imparts so much knowledge and I wish I was able to be in Florida this weekend to attend the adult session because it sounds like it is going to be amazing. I'm so impressed with how he listens to the Spirit and I even got some good inspiration on something I was needing as a bonus! I am so grateful for amazing parents who can talk about the serious stuff as well as laugh when we just need a pick-me-up. Mom, don't worry, you will be out here soon enough! xoxo

26 Jan 2010

10:34 PM

Those amazing pumkin chocolate cookies you see are courtesy of Lara and her magic Kitchenaid! We watched American Idol tonight with the Broadbents while indulging in Lara's amazing cookies. We love hanging out with Tyler and Lara and we are going to milk them for all we can because they are leaving us for dental school in the summer. I'm already sad just talking about it! Ryan and I have been so blessed to have such good friends...I don't know what we will do without them! Good thing about going and getting an education means future money to go and have our girls trips Lara! Can't wait to see everyone's education finally pay off. Fiji here we come!

25 Jan 2010

10:27 PM

Nothing in this world is more enjoyable than family...but a close second would be delicious cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory! Third would be not having to pay for the bill...and it was our lucky day! My Dad flew in from Florida for a business trip in Salt Lake and we met in the middle for a yummy bite to eat. The food was great but the company was even better. It was great to see my Dad and his very handsome new haircut and catch up on everything. My Dad and I are a lot alike...as a child someone once told me I looked like my Dad and I just cried and ran to my Mom saying, "I look like a boy!". My days of looking and acting like my Dad are not over,but I am enjoying every minute of it.

24 Jan 2010

9:43 PM

So Friday night we played games with Tyler, Lara, Whitney, and Devon and Lara happened to be wearing really cute boots which I pointed out. I then asked her where she got them. Her response was, "Um...that carnival place..." and Ryan interjects with, "Oh Shoe Carnival!" After a small pause Ryan said, "That's embarrassing". Everyone just busted up laughing! I was so proud my husband knew what Shoe Carnival was and he was just dying for actually knowing when Lara couldn't even remember what the place was called. It was truly the highlight of my night :) Ryan was a good sport and drove us to Shoe Carnival so we could get a good picture to remember that awesome, albeit embarrassing story.

23 jan 2010

9:37 PM

Saturday we woke up to tons of snow on the ground and two very hungry tummies so we went with Emily and Derek to Kneaders for their unlimited french toast. Needless to say we all got full. Ryan and Derek were loving the endless food and they both cleaned their plates pretty well. I think the french toast did something to Derek's face though...nah :)

22 Jan 2010

10:27 AM

Ahhh Friday. How I love thee! After my morning of work I went to our local Sunflower Market. They have fresh produce and tons of organic foods and after picking up the ads I noticed they had salmon on sale. Now, for those of you who know me I am not a fish person, and that is putting it mildly. Ryan, on the other hand, loves fish and fish is one thing I don't allow in the house unless it's alive, has a name and lives in a glass bowl. Ryan always does so many nice things for me I thought I could reciprocate and bring home some fishy for him! Hence the first nasty picture. I forgot to have them take off the skin/scales or whatever it is so Ryan had to do it himself. Those are not my hairy arms in the shot! After Kristi's easy recipe I cooked up the salmon, me some chicken in a different pan, some asparagus and bingo we had a meal fit for a king. After eating and watching Friends the snow began to fall and it was truly beautiful outside. Everything was covered in snow and we enjoyed the rest of the night in the comforts of our warm apartment.

21 Jan 2010

10:21 AM

Yes this is an actual picture we took of our greasy bag. We were desperate! Ryan just recently got released from his calling as 2nd Councilor in the Elders Quorum and he decided to take all of his teachers to In-N-Out for some burgers to thank them for their service. I stayed at home working on Relief Society stuff but to my surprise...I mean my request...I too got treated as well! I ate my bag of yumminess in the comfort of my own bed which still smells like In-N-Out. Just a suggestion, don't eat greasy food in your bed...ever!

20 Jan 2010

10:11 AM

Derek is participating in a basketball league and on Wednesday night Ryan and I went to support the cause. Derek was pretty impressive with his "mad skills" and I even got a great shot of him making a free throw. They didn't win this one, but they still have plenty of games to kick some trash. Emily is a good supportive wife and gave us a play-by-play of the whole game. I was quite impressed with her knowledge of the sport and decided I needed to be a better wife and learn more about surfing for Ryan. More surfing updates to come!

19 Jan 2010

8:03 PM

After an unsuccessful atempt to visit a new sister in the ward Megan and I sat down to work on the new Relief Society newsletter. I saw a great newsletter when I was home in Florida and after 8 months of being in my calling I finally feel like I can branch out and not just do the "have to" stuff. Insert newsletter! Megan is truly a genius on the computer so I have no doubt the newsletter is going to knock everyone's socks off! Relief Society is so much fun when you are surrounded by all of your friends and I couldn't have asked for better girlfriends.

18 Jan 2010

7:55 PM

So on Monday nights I go to the gym at our apartment complex with a great friend of mine. I have been trying to be consistent now for over a month and I'm feeling so much better about myself. The only problem is I'm actually am a little backwards when it comes to exercising...see I don't diet and exercise...I exercise so I can eat! So after my hour long workout I proceeded to eat brownie batter and after 25 loooong minutes an extremely large brownie. And you know what...I didn't feel at all guilty! Thank you elliptical machine!
If you look at the first picture very closely you can actually see the egg yoke mid-air!

17 Jan 2010

8:24 PM

Sometimes I forget that we truly live in a beautiful place. I know Utah is not on my top ten list of amazing places to live, but we have lived here for a year and a half and despite the winters I will admit, I do like it here. All I have to do is step out of my apartment and I see the most beautiful mountains. I have to say, the snow isn't bad either...but only when you are looking at it from a distance in your warm apartment :) I tend to drive a little more on Sundays than I usually would and after our lessons about the creation I couldn't help but look at the amazing beauty around us and be grateful. I will say it...I am grateful to live in Utah and grateful that I get to witness another side of nature...the winter.

16 Jan 2010

8:13 PM

Happy date night! Thanks to Santa Ryan and I cashed in on quite a few gift cards. We went to the temple with our ward at 3pm and after the session we were starving. Gift cards to the rescue! On a Saturday when I'm exhausted going out to dinner instantly puts me in a good mood. Knowing my sink will be free of dirty dishes and my hands will not smell of garlic, onion, or raw meat is truly a priceless gift. After dinner we enjoyed a stroll around Barnes and Noble and then headed back for a night of lounging on the couch. I couldn't have asked for a better partner in crime.

15 Jan 2010

5:35 PM

Friday night we had three other couples over...the usual "game-nighters"...and had a great time playing balderdash and speed scrabble. Devon smoked us all by far at both games but I'm smelling a rematch coming on. Whitney brought a tasty treat, chocolate covered cranberry popcorn, which has somehow been left at our residence. I guess it's our turn now to pass on the goodness. Thanks to Tyler and Lara we got to set up the extra table but sadly they did not bring over their matress...slumber party next time guys! I think there was only one questionable word used for the whole game so I have to say I am proud :)

14 Jan 2010

7:49 PM

The official temperature outside while this picture was being shot was 28 degrees...while everyone in the hot tub is smiling and enjoying themselves I am freeeezing sacrificing for the good of the blog. Yes, you can thank me later.
One perk of living at the Branbury is the good 'ol hot tub! We love taking advantage of that amenity and have great friends who are always up for a good time. Thanks Tyler and Lara! P.S. Ryan kinda looks like he's going comando...but I promise those are skin-colored board shorts he's got on.

13 Jan 2010

7:42 PM

After attacking a poor stranger coming out of the temple we got a great shot of most of the sisters who came to do initiatories. Since I have moved into our married student ward I have enjoyed Relief Society so much! The sisters are truly amazing and I have made some wonderful friends. The parking lot was suuuper full because, according to one of the workers, everyone has been having such an easy time with the new family history software everyone is coming with family names to do! She also said January is usually their busiest month as everyone's New Years resolution is to attend the temple...only in Utah!

12 Jan 2010

7:31 PM

Ah, work. You gotta love the 9-5 grind. As you can tell I work really hard all day. Hard enough that I can snap pictures of our pet skeleton totally beating me at a staring contest. The girls at work are very supportive of the blog idea so they had to be a part of one of the infamous posts. Can't say that I live for my job...more like I go to my job so Ryan and I can live, but you know, I am grateful for the good times in which I can snap a picture and have a good laugh with some of my good gal pals.

11 Jan 2010

7:14 PM

Many a Monday night at the Vorwaller household are spent in anticipation of watching the popular show House. Family Home Evenings have been done before and after the show, and sadly even during commercials before we started recording shows on the computer. Yes...we are THAT pathetic. I believe this picture can tell a lot about us...House, Biggest Loser, The Office...oh yes, and don't forget about Aloha Scooby-Doo. Ryan still has a small boy heart inside that grown man's body.

10 Jan 2010

5:43 PM

Ok, this tooootally looks like vomit but I promise this used to be a very yummy pot roast with mashed potatoes and gravy. Now it looks like beef jerky and rice. I'm still getting used to taking pictures right away when things happen so this was definitely an afterthought. Because our Sundays are hectic the crockpot meal is a go-to for sure. Ryan happened to make basically this entire meal because I was at meetings during prime prep time. We had Emily and Derek over and enjoyed good company and probably the best roast I've had in a while. Ryan has a lot of potential in the kitchen so be on the lookout for more food posts...maybe next time we will make it look a little more enticing.

9 Jan 2010

7:43 PM

It's like Christmas all over again! Ryan's mom sent some of our Christmas stuff (mainly candy) that wouldn't fit into our suitcases. Ryan was saying how he wished we had brought more candy home because he was wanting chocolate and ask and ye shall receive! The package was waiting for us and Ryan could not have been more happy! He already has a stomach ache and it's totally worth it.

8 Jan 2010

7:39 PM

You are witnessing a Vorwaller family tradition. It's Friday night...we both don't want to cook...we don't know what to do...so it's off to Blockbuster and Little Ceasars. Dang those $5 pizzas! We always regret that decision but it sounds so good at the time! Anyway we always have a good time relaxing after a long week with no dishes and a good flick. Can't ask for more!

7 Jan 2010

7:35 PM

What do you know! Ryan fell prey as the stomach flu's next victim. We spent the day in bed watching TV and sleeping while feeling terrible. At least we did it together! We are fully recovered now...thanks for asking.

6 Jan 2010

7:30 PM

With our New Years resolution to take a picture a day and to document our married life more, being sick apparently doesn't make you immune to the man behind the camera. I got a terrible stomach flu after we got home and spent the night on the couch in terrible pain. The saltines and powerade were truly my best friend. Oh yeah, and not pictured but certainly not forgotten, the tylenol .

5 Jan 2010

7:21 PM

Ryan has decided that he wants to spend some time with me before I head off to work so he has started to make me breakfast. This was my breakfast on my first day back to work. I was completely surprised by my special message...especially since our pan is pretty small! He is talented in so many ways lol. Needless to say my day was awesome.

4 Jan 2010

6:49 PM

Our last day in Florida we had our "last supper" at Fugiyama with the Vorwallers. The meal was awesome and it was fun to see the guy work with fire while he cooked our food. We were sad to be leaving our families but at least we left with our stomachs thanking us.

3 Jan 2010

6:38 PM

So I have a small obsession with my puppy Comet. I was so happy to see him! We always have a good time together, mainly because I spoil him the most out of everyone in my family. Ryan has yet to let Comet sleep with us when we are home, but I think next year may be our year! Fingers Crossed!
No Way :) -Ryan

2 Jan 2010

6:02 PM

Even though the weather was unsually cold for a Florida winter we still made it a point to go to the beach. Ryan was trying to dress like it was 80 degrees but I still had to wear my cardigan. The beach will always hold a special place in our hearts as that is where our adventure began and it is always refreshing to walk up and down the beach together.

Probably my favorite picture of the trip! What you may believe is a very strange species of bird is actually Mark scarring the birds on the beach. He really blends in well though :)

After a nice walk on the beach with the Vorwallers we ate at Cantina. It was a fun meal catching up with Mom and Dad and if you look carefully above my Dad's head the ceiling is lined with surfboards! It was pretty sweet looking...Ryan said it was a waste of good surfboards. Spoken like a true surfer!

1 Jan 2010

8:25 PM

We trekked up to Jacksonville for lunch to see Grandpa and Grandpa Vorwaller on New Years Day. We had a great car ride up and enjoyed spending quality time eating and catching up with Grandma and Grandpa. It was great to see them and get to see what they had been up to these past few months. The Jacksonville mission is the second highest baptizing mission within the US and we know Grandma and Grandpa have something to do with that! I also took a tour of their house for the first time and finally got to see and feel of the goodness everyone always talks about. We were glad we made the trip.

While up in Jacksonville we also stopped by Nanny's house where the whole family was having the traditional rice and black-eyed peas meal for New Years. We celebrated by having a chinese auction which was a lot of fun. We enjoyed seeing everyone opening up the different gifts and fighting over the good ones. We also brought gifts for Nanny, and Ryan and I got her books from the Twilight Series so she can continue to read about Bella and her crazy adventures. We had a great time seeing Nanny and the whole family.

31 Dec 2009

7:34 PM

Just two years ago to the day we took a New Years Eve picture just like this before we parted ways to Utah and California to start our long distance relationship. Last year we were in Utah for New Years but this year we got to keep up the tradition of attending my parent's New Years Eve party. We had a great time with friends and family but most of all it was amazing to think that it was just two years ago when we were just starting to date...when everything was new and our lives were filled with the unknown. Who would've thought our lives would've taken such a wonderful turn?!

(Left 2009, Right 2007)

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