15 Minutes of Fame...4 years of love

6:28 PM

Ryan and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary recently.  Since we are on a tight budget (as always) we opted for no gift giving.  
I know Ryan can't stand to not do something, so I woke up to Ryan cooking me pancakes.  Delish!  
And much more exciting than my boring oatmeal I eat every single day.
He really does make great pancakes.  
The best part was the entertainment during our meal.

Ryan had made a Bachelorette-style video telling me how much he loves me, just liek at the end of the show.  I don't know if you have ever stooped so low you want to kill yourself watched the show, but it is a guilty pleasure of mine and since we had just finished the recent season Ryan got creative and outdid even the most romantic of all of the bachelors.  He literally painted a backdrop of Italy, since normally the videos are shot in some exotic location, and spilled his heart and soul to me in this sweet 5 minute video.  Believe me, if Ryan was on the Bachelorette there would be no chance of anyone else winning...and I can't believe I am the lucky one that gets to keep him!!  I of course was all smiles because he was so clever and felt so much love and joy in my heart to find the one person who makes me better everyday.  
Makes me happy to know that we are still so in love.   

We had to part ways after our romantic breakfast since we are both adults.  Shouldn't you get your anniversary off work?  Another benefit of being married right? Like a tax break?
I went to Chick-fil-a for lunch since I wanted to stand up for my first amendment rights and met a sweet little lady in line who had been married for 43 years.  She was pretty proud to hear that I was married and was supporting Chick-fil-a during these "crazy times", as she put it.  The lines were so long, but not a soul complained.  It was like we all knew we weren't there for the food that day, we were there to say something else.  I felt proud to support them and, as always, enjoyed my chicken immensely. 

My contribution to the festivities was annivers-curry.  My mother-in-law has an amazing curry recipe so I thought it appropriate to give it a whirl.

I added coconut milk this time and it made it a little sweeter.  Of course Ryan loves anything sweet so he was a happy camper.
If you want this recipe let me know and I will message it to you.

This may look like a splurge, but Ryan had bought discounted Blue Man Group tickets a while ago at UCF and we thought using them for our anniversary would be perfect.  They were more than half off the price, and believe me, it was well worth the money.

I was looking for Tobias.

If you have never been to one of their shows, you need to go.  I have heard of people who really didn't like it, but with our tickets being discounted I felt like we got a lot of bang for our buck.  The whole show is interactive.  If you just want to sit and be entertained, you might want to try cirque du soleil.   
Now let me tell you...I did not want to be part of the act.  I left work early because a co-worker tipped me off that people who come in late are mocked and are spotlighted during the show.  We got there seriously 50 minutes early.  I was feeling good and fairly certain that I would be safe in my middle row, middle section seat.

Nope.  That is me up there...on the right...the only non blue person there.  Somehow I got singled out from the ENTIRE audience.  How this happened, I have no idea.  One of the Blue Men made eye contact with me and I was done-for.  I knew it too.  My spidy senses were tingling and they nabbed me.  They were actually super nice.  One of them winked at me as I was walking up the stage to let me know they weren't actually going to murder me on stage.  So reassuring, let me tell you.  
Somehow I was so calm throughout the whole experience.  Normally I am sweating just watching someone else go through something like this, but I was cool as a cucumber.  

When I first got up there they but a blue bib on me and sat me down at a table with knives and forks.  The brought out a boom box and started playing different songs. I started swaying a lip syncing to Lights by Journey...one of my all-time favorite songs.  They started swaying with me.  You know...not the girly swaying, but the kind of swaying they do on Rush Hour.  The Blue Men basically just wanted for me to do something and they played off of me.  
They then stared to set up the table to eat.  They brought out a candle for me to light and after I lit the candle they took a fire extinguisher to it..and my face.  They brought out flowers...pretended to give them to me and then set them on the table as decorations.  I was laughing and they were doing crazy stuff this whole time.

They then brought out twinkies for us to eat.  We each got our own and somehow we all fed each other and then got into a huge food fight.  Just when I thought things couldn't get any funnier/crazy the bib the put on me started spewing mushed up bananas mocking throw-up, all over the place.  My explanation of this sounds insane, but it made sense in context of the show and was really funny.  They of course had to feed me the throw-up and everyone was gagging in the audience when I ate it.  I still have some banana/twinkie remnants on my shirt to prove the nights events.  
The Blue Men were so funny and super nice and I seriously had such a blast.  I was up there for a good 10 minute or more.  Longer than any other audience member.  I still can't believe it actually happened. 

I met the band afterward and they were really nice, and very good...made me think of my brother who would have loved playing in the show.  The band even complemented me, which made me pretty happy since they probably see different people each night doing that same skit.  

Me, my Blue Man and the leftovers (banana and twinkie delight) they gave to me before they let me sit back down and enjoy the show.  

This is a picture of the polaroid they gave to me as proof that I was in fact hanging with the Blue Men.
We weren't suppose to take any pictures during the show, hence the bad quality photos! 
Can you see the throw-up coming out?!  So many people stopped me and asked if I was a plant or they had prepped me before the show.  When I told them no, they were so complementary.  A little girl even waved to me after the show.  Lol so cute.  Ryan said he felt like he was with a celebrity all night.  People just kept coming up and saying I did a good job.  Hollywood here I come!
Happy Anniversary Ryan.  You are my everything and I look forward to many more adventures together!

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