8:52 AM

Forgive me friends, for I have been a bad blogger.

Since Ryan and I have been home, our camera battery has died and I have been dreading digging through the bajillion boxes of our crap to figure out where the battery charger is.  I know I put it somewhere I would find easily...just can't remember where.  Genius huh.  Also missing is the crucial chord that uploads all the pictures into the computer.  Hence no pictures on the blog in a month.  I already had the graduation ones uploaded so at least you got those, but I promise my lazy streak is going to end...soon.

I will tell you though life has been grand.  The sun has been shining (high in the 80s almost everyday!) the beach has been beautiful, and I have officially lost that Utah I-never-see-the-sun glow. Ryan and I have both been working side jobs here and there as well as taking care of our house-sitting duties.  Let me tell you.  House-sitting is going to be my career the bomb.  Seriously.  We already house-sat for a family for about a week.  They had a full-blown movie room with lazyboy recliners, projector, a fabulous pool/spa, beautiful master bath with rain shower and jet tub, and a gorgeous kitchen filled with everything you could ever need.  Glorious!  I read books, swam, enjoyed the sun and watched their two cute dogs as well.  Not too shabby of a life, if I do say so myself.  Unfortunately the dogs have a bowel problem, but nothing that a little paper-towel/clorox action can't fix.  As soon as we were done with that house we headed over to a very exclusive gated community on the river to our next home.  This house is huge and has all the amenities a young couple would ever need.  We are taking care of their fish tank as well and helping to host a french family for two weeks while they are here on house exchange.  The family we are house-siting for will be in their house for a few weeks in France.  Very exciting!  I can't wait to pick the frenchie's brains about France and Europe!  One huge perk of this house-sitting situation...using their boat.  We haven't taken it out yet, but we have to do a test run soon because we plan on giving the frenchies a tour around the river while they are here.  I'll let you know how that goes.

Pictures coming soon.  Promise!  

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