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Fall is upon us!  Once my birthday hits I can feel a change in the air.  I start to get excited about the leaves changing colors and the air getting a little crisper.  So I decided to make an apple crisp to commemorate the change of seasons...and because apples were on sale at Sunflower for .57 cents a lb! 
The lighting is bad on these pictures...my apples were not green...my kitchen light stinks.

Not being a frequent baker I was impressed with my creation.  Though, this is probably the easiest thing to bake, I am still proud.  The house smelled like fall while it was baking and I loved it!  Here is the link to the food network website with the Barefoot Contessa recipe.  I loooove Barefoot Contessa..and her perfect house in the Hamptons.  She always delivers and this was no exception. Enjoy! 

10:34 AM

This weekend we celebrated my birthday!  Ryan made sure to get a picture of me with every gift...there were lots more pictures so you can thank me later for sparing you.
Ryan got me ELLE magazine's 25th anniversary edition :)

And the curling iron I wanted!

Mom H and Mom V combined their package and apparently wrapped it with every piece of packing tape they could find!  Lol

I finally acved and used the scissors

I got my facewash and some mascara from Mom H.

If you have never had Publix sugar cookies (which most of you never had because it is an east coast grocery store) you are truly missing out.  Best. Cookies. Ever. The look on my face was priceless!  Nothing makes me happier than food!

Here is me with my loot!  A lot of the pictures were blurry but I got a lot of stuff and feel so blessed!

With the cash Mom V gave us we went and ate at Shoga.  Yum yum yum.  Food always tastes better when you don't have to work 3 hours to pay for it!

On Friday night Ryan and I went to Benihanas in SLC with my free birthday meal!  Again...free food!  Score!  We met the nicest people at our table.  One of them was writing a book for the church and wanted our ideas.  Kinda random but fun!

Our yummy Gelato...also basically free with a fabulous coupon.

This chandelier was in the gelato place and I had to take a picture.  I thought it was pretty sweet.

Overall I had a great birthday weekend.  Thanks to all those who made it so wonderful!

10:08 AM

So I haven't posted any pictures in a while so here goes. 
 Emily was gracious enough to snag Ryan and I some tickets to AXP's end of the summer party.  Nitro Circus was the main event.

APX turned their whole front lawn into dirt bike heaven.

The whole crew jumped from a helicopter and landed in the arena!

And here is Travis Pastrana!

Ryan was loooving this!  It was nice to go to a manly event for a change.  Ryan is always so good about doing girly stuff with me so I was happy to oblige a little testosterone filled fun.  I have to say though, we have to keep our distnace from these events or Ryan would have jumped in their trailer to join them.

The crazy dude with the bandana was super funny in the show.  He is actually the group's lawyer!  Doesn't really look like the lawyer type huh.

Travis Pastrana really did some crazy stunts/tricks/stuff (I have no idea what to call them) and I was super impressed.  He is reeeealy tall and gangly though.  Not what I was expecting!  The show was amazing and thankfully no one got injured.  Overall it was a pretty exciting night. 

3:22 PM

In light of the big milestone of turning 25, I started to think about my life.  I've been on this earth for 25 years.  Yep, 25 big ones.  That is a significant amount of time...and in that time I have done some amazing things.  (And some not-so amazing things, but for posterity's sake we will omit those.)  And I'm sure many more amazing things are still awaiting me so I have a lot to be grateful for.  So here are a list of a few things for which I am grateful. 

1. My loving and understanding husband who puts up with all of my quirky ways
2. My family who loves and supports me unconditionally.

3. To have a job in this crazy economy. And to be able to work at the Branbury to supplement rent. HUGE blessing!

4. The fact that I haven’t had to scrape my windshield once this season!

5. That we haven’t had to take out any student loans. We may be broke but we aren’t in debt…yet :)

6. That we live close to our siblings and get to hang out with them often. Mike, when we move back to Florida there will be lots of me and you time.

7. Ryan’s hard work and dedication to higher education

8. Two working cars that get us from point A to point B

9. Our callings…we LOVE teaching!

10. The freedoms we enjoy in this country to do and say and believe the things we do.

11. To my girlfriends, you know who you are, you are my lifeline and my support.  What would I do without you?!

12. My health

13. My JCrew catelogue that gets faithfully delivered.

14. Netflix.  Enough said.

15. Having enough money to cook healthful meals.

16.  To have Family Home Evening with our friends each week.

17. A good book to read on the weekends.

18. The gospel in my life, which has given me peace, hope and faith.

19. My puppy Comet.

20. To be a wife, and hopefully soon, one day a mother.

21. For my celebrity gossip.

22. Any and all food.  Hey, I'm small but I'm a big eater.

23. For facials, acne cream and make-up.

24. For the opportunity to journal and chronicle my life through my blog.

25. For knowing who I am, where I am going and how I can get there.  Without the truthfulness of the gospel I don't know where I would be and I am grateful first and formost for that, because without that, I would have none of the previously listed items.  Ok, I might have Netflix, but even so, I am grateful nonetheless.

The list of things I am grateful for is truly endless.  I consider myself the luckiest girl alive and cannot wait to see what another 25 years will bring!

5:04 PM

Just a little blast from the past.
This is Ryan and I with our two friends at EFY when we were in 9th grade. 
Ryan is still just as cute :)  Who would have thought we'd be married all these years later!
He must have really liked me because that short hair is doing me no favors. 
So glad we have these memories to share with our kids.   

1:35 PM

I love General Conference weekend for many reasons.

1. I can be in my pajamas and not shower...all day
2. It's an excuse to make yummy crockpot meals
3. I get to hear the words of the living prophets
4. My testimony is renewed
5. Have a good excuse to hang out with my sister during priesthood

This weekend was amazing.  Conference always lifts my spirits and, during the busiest time in our lives, has given me the faith and courage to press forward and be grateful for all that we have been given.  No matter what the problem, the Lord knows us, loves us and is
there for us always. 
Check it out here if you want to find out more about General Conference.    

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