6:30 PM

Ryan's birthday was Tuesday and we jumped at the chance to go to Salt Lake to look at guitars.  Ryan has been playing his guitar pretty regularly and is in dire need for a new guitar so we went on the hunt for some brands that he may like to purchase in the future when we are actually making money.

Just a smidge out of our price range.

I think we found a winner!  It was a Taylor.  Jack Johnson sometimes plays with a Taylor so i think that made Ryan pretty happy about this choice.

Jamming on the electric.

On his actual birthday we woke up and actually went to the gym. I know.  It's a miracle.  but it was a great way to start the day!  Ryan opened his presents when we got back.

A little technical difficulty getting it out of the package.

Happy day!  A new skateboard!  Thanks Mom and Dad!

All the loot.  I tried to butter him up with a lot of surfing stuff to get his mind determined to get us back to warmer weather. I think it's working! 

The birthday muffin and stud muffin.  Happy 25th handsome!

Action shot of blowing out the candle.

We decided to use our day off to go to the temple.  Provo is closed so we headed over to Timp.  It was so beautiful!  Reminded me of the Sacramento Temple.  Unfortunately with Provo closed everyone and their dog was at Timp and the line for the session was out the chapel doors!  And of course there is no turning back, but we stuck with it and even made if out in time for dinner.

Thank you Tucanos for your birthday buy one get one free deal! 
I am so glad that Ryan and I have gotten to spend the last 4 of his birthdays together.  I am still so amazed by the man that he is and am so proud to be his wife.  Hopefully I don't embarrass him too badly but I can't say enough wonderful things about him.  I look forward to spending a million more birthdays together!

6:16 PM

Merry Christmas!!  Christmas morning was wonderful.  We opened gifts, ate a breakfast casserole and even opened some of our gifts.

Grandma accidentally mixed up our aprons.  I think Ryan rocks the pink though.

We also went to a local nrusing home to visit with some of the residents there.  It was so fun to meet with them and to hear of their lives and accomplishments.  One lady I met is a published author!  She showed me her book and was so proud.  They invited us to eat with them, but we were still pretty full from the casserole so we just talked and played games with them. 

Ryan picked these boots out himself!  Merry Christmas to me!

We celebrated Christmas dinner with Janneke and Danny and Janneke's Dad with a yummy honey baked ham.  Num num num.  It was so nice to have such wonderful friends to spend such a special day with.  I couldn't help but post this great picture of Carson.  Santa's little helper :)

4:59 PM

Christmas Eve was a little different this year.  We decided to hunker down in Utah and brave Christmas alone.  We were a little hesitant about the idea but we were confident in our choice and had a wonderful holiday.  Christmas Eve is my Dad's birthday so in honor of him we went to go see a movie.  It really didn't feel like Christmas Eve until I stepped into the movie theater...weird I know, but true. 

After the movie I cooked some yummy steak and potatoes. 

We had to distract ourselves with more movies or we both would've ripped open our presents before Christmas.

This is one of Ryan's classic childhood Christmas memories, watching Mickey Mouses' Christmas Special so we sat and watched a few of the short cartoons.  Ryan was so excited! 
Ryan got me bundled up and we went out looking at Christmas lights and then read the story of the birth of the Savior.  It was a nice, humble Christmas Eve without any hustle and I could really appreciate the reason for the season.  It was a great day and we promise we will be there next year for your birthday Dad :)

1:40 PM

This is by far the scariest picture I've ever seen.  Our snowman looks a little upset, but it's all good.

This week we woke up to a lot of snow.  I was happy that we would be having a white Christmas but surprisingly a lot of this snow has already melted!  Don't get me wrong it's still cold and dreary, just not as white out as I would like for our first Utah Christmas.  My Volvo is seriously covered.

Here is our snowman Frederick.  He's so cute!  He does have arms...it's just a little hard to see.  The snow was perfect for making snowmen.

Ryan looks so handsome in the snow.  Oh Utah...how I will not miss your blizzards when I'm at the beach sipping margaritas in Florida.  But for now I will take your winter wonderland and work with it.

1:27 PM

Christmas is never complete without decorating sugar cookies.  We have the best FHE group.  Ever.  The End.

1:26 PM

Here are some pics from our sibling Christmas.  We made out like bandits!

Gifts are alwasy so fun to open, but the best part is seeing everyone else's reactions when they open the gift you gave them.  I was pretty excited when I saw my Bennihana's gift card.  What can I say...food makes me happy.  And so does giving gifts.

12:05 PM

Santa's elves have been dropping off surprises all week under our tree.  It's reeeeeally tempting to rip open a package or two when Ryan isn't home.  So far I have constrained myself.
Especially once I saw this message....

Thanks for the warning Santa!!  xoxo

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