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Ryan and I spend an amazing long weekend (thanks to the pioneers) in Park City.  We celebrated our 2 year anniversary a week early by going to the Park City Marriott...our home away from home for every occasion.  We have celebrated my birthday both years there since we have been in Utah and I really love it there.  Park City reminds me a little of California...a little more liberal than say, Provo, but still super quaint and so beautiful.  They actually have a Whole Foods there and I was so excited to get some good organic snacks and get some much needed R&R.   

We started off the weekend by laying out at the Scera in Provo...

...and then we made the trek through the mountains...

...to Park City!

I always have to drive because I get so car sick...sorry Ryan!

I tried on some outfits for Leslie's wedding...the first one was too short but I ended up buying the black skirt...still not sure what top I'll wear though...but I tried!

I was contemplating a small purchase of glasses but decided to sleep on it instead.

After the outlets we went to Ruby Tuesdays with our gift card and Ryan ate Lobster and steak while I had shrimp and steak.  Food always tastes better when you don't have to cook it! 

Just a shot of us in the hotel

Ryan trying on some jeans at the Quicksilver store...and I got a little bored.

That bear was seriously scorching hot but Ryan persevered and got the picture

Ryan tried his chops at the skate park for a bit.  It was so fun to see him skate.  That drop in was probably 7 feet...so much scarier in person!

He did awesome.  I was super impressed with his skills even after not riding for a while.

A wonderful surprise was running into our good friends the Russell's at church on Sunday!  We weren't expecting to know anyone in the visitor's ward and low and behold our good friends from Florida were there vacationing.  They own a condo there and that is were Ryan and I spent our last anniversary so it was so great to see them and spend some time in that same condo again.  Peggy made us a great roast and potatoes and it was the perfect way to end our Park City excursion.

I am still hoping that we will make it up to Park City at least a few more times before we leave Utah but I will say that it was an amazing weekend and the perfect way to spend our 2nd anniversary.

1:31 PM

Saturday was Leslie's big day...Happy Birthday Leslie!  We had dinner and cake at our place on Sunday to celebrate.  Leslie and David spent the actual day at Lagoon and had a blast.  Even though we are all growing up and getting older I think it just keeps getting better with time.  Can't wait to see what this year will bring for you Leslie! 

1:15 PM

I'm contemplating taking up surfing when we go home...now that Chanel is making surfboards.

1:13 PM

Though it is summer and usually summer is filled with fun adventures I have been under the weather lately and our adventures have not been very note-worthy so I don't have a lot of pictures to share.  The summer has been flying by and I still feel like there are so many things I want to do.  Here are a few things we have done:

spent countless hours in the sun at the scera
ate a lovely picnic in our special park in the mountains
watched Meet Joe Black...best movie ever
ruled and reigned at the branbury clubhouse
slept in on saturdays and didn't feel guilty
mingled with the crazies at the local farmers market
enjoyed the taste of many local eateries
and are still religiously watching Wipeout

Our summer isn't over yet and we are looking forward to spending some time outside of Provo very soon discovering lots of new and exciting things.  This is our last official summer in Utah so I'm ready for an adventure.

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