8:04 PM

Ok so the last thing I should be doing tonight is blogging, but I wanted to post Ryan's video before we got on the road.  Minus my volvo crapping out on us at the very last second the move is going quite well.  Just send up some good prayers that the volvo will get fixed asap. 
We need it! 
Anyway...Ryan is a complete stud and for most of you reading this post you have already seen this video posted on facebook, but for those of you in the blogosphere that I don't know you should check out this amazingly romantic song my husband wrote.  It just fits perfectly with our timing of heading back to our swimsuit weather.  Enjoy!

3:12 PM

Life is crazy right now, to say the least. 
I have less than one week left at my job, our entire apartment to pack up, cars that need oil changes and tire rotations before a 2500 mile trek, Ryan is in the midst of finals, then 21 days until we step foot on FL soil, 16 days until we meet Macie, 9 days until graduation and 8 days til my momma gets here!  Phew! 
I have been mildly stressing out about a number of things.  I have a terrible habit of worrying about things that are out of my control at the time, but then when I have time/means to do something about it I am "too tired" or "too whiny" to do them.  Story of my life.  5pm rolls around and as long as my rear does not touch a couch or a bed I am good.  As soon as it does it's game over. 
I've decided that packing before my mom gets here is a perfectly good waste of time.  Ryan and I want to spend the last 3 weeks we have here enjoying our friends, relaxing in the hot tub, going on walks and enjoying the last of our completely private life before we move in (temporarily, mind you.) with the 'rents.  So I'm leaving it up to my super-human husband and I to pack everything we own within 3 days. 
Yesterday I was having one-of-those days.  Not that my world was collapsing around me or anything, just that I kinda felt like it was and I wanted to complain like it was, even though I knew it wasn't.  Momma H was kind enough to listen to my babbling and give me some fabulous advice.  Basically in a nutshell she told me to simmer-down and stop worrying so much...but much more eloquently.  And for some reason hearing it from her made me do just that.  I actually started to relax.  I made a yummy dinner, we sat in the hot tub and then watched Castle.  I did complain about my teeth a bit, but the whining was definitely at a minimum.  Dang you candy old lady, sensitive teeth.  Anywho, I'm going to take my momma's advice and not worry about boxes and packing tape, big mirrors breaking in the move, cars potentially breaking down, funds that will soon be drying up, and deadlines that will be soon coming.  Instead I will spend the evening with friends at the temple doing sealings and counting my many blessings. 
Thanks mom.

10:17 AM

I look forward to General Conference every year and this year was especially exciting because it was our last chance to go to conference before our big move.  We invited Steffi and Ephraim to come with us.  This is where we watched the first session...in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building chapel.  The architecture is stunning.

After a delicious lunch of Olive Garden we made our way through the masses to the Conference Center.

This is Steffi and Ephraim's last trip to conference too before they go back to Switzerland!  Don't worry guys...we will be coming for an extended visit :)

Not too bad of a shot for just a digital camera.  I'm not the best photographer but I'm glad i got this shot!  I will miss the Salt Lake temple.  It's so stunning in person and it really makes you think about the sacrifices made to build such a magnificent building.

I'm pretty sure I wasn't suppose to be taking pictures but my flash was off and I was being discrete.  It's really hard to make out but that is President Monson coming in 10 minutes before the meeting.  My favorite part is seeing everyone stand and get completely silent and watch the prophet of the Lord walk into the conference.  It's a great feeling to know we are lead by an inspired man.

Thanks for the great seats Dad!  One of the perks for my Dad's tireless efforts as a Stake President is good tickets...and a parking pass.  I have to say I'm sad we won't be able to be there next October, but I think I'll take listening to conference in my PJs ok too.

9:59 AM

It's official...our Branbury duties are over.  March was our last working month and now we are home free!  We seriously don't know what to do with ourselves and all of our free time now that our nights are free.  We had to snap a few pictures for posterity sake so we can always remember our seemingly endless nights at the Clubhouse. 
10 points for me for actually staying to close up until 11pm.  10,000 points for Ryan who ALWAYS stayed to close up at 11pm.  Not going to miss those late nights that is for sure.

Working hard...or hardly working?  Hmmm...

Annie is another awesome RA who, like me, doesn't take crap from the residents :) haha

Now he's working :)

Bye Bye Branbury!  See ya lata!

Now time to book it out of there! Hahaha.  What would we have done without reduced rent?  I seriously have no idea.  Our American Express thanks you Branbury.

9:51 AM

It's baby time!
  Some of Brittany's friends threw her a surprise baby shower last week and we had a blast.
The proud aunties...Julie and April

Shanna made that cute sign! 

Shanna, Brittany and me.  I'm the only non-pregnant lady in this pic!

She got some super cute baby stuff.  The gifts are the best part of any party but come on...baby gifts are the best!  You can't help but think shoes the size of your palm aren't cute.  Can't wait to meet little Henry!

9:45 AM

I am trying to document as much a possible before we go!  Ryan made a fun matching game for FHE last week.  I'm so proud of all of us for being so consistent with FHE each week.  I know it has made a huge difference for us! 
The Wilsons and the Marquez family


Carson could not get enough of the yummy chocolate raspberry dessert the Wilsons brought.  It was cute to see Ryan feeding him!  He kept saying "Mmmm" everytime he ate some.  So cute!  Next week Temple night!

9:36 AM

The Olsen's last working night at the Branbury was last Sunday so the RA's came out to celebrate and play games.  It was pretty instense game of catch phrase.  I smell a re-match coming on!

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