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Ryan and I made the trek to Park City with Emily and Derek this weekend.  We decided to celebrate mine and Derek's birthday a little late this year and get a hotel in PC.  But not just any hotel...The Waldorf Astoria!!  They had great deals because it's the off season and when you split a good deal between two couples it makes it that much sweeter!  The hotel was seriously amazing.  It brought back memories of my stays in Palm Springs for work.  Sigh.  I was in heaven.   
Here is Ryan feeling the softest blanket in the world.  Seriously.

Hehehe.  He was being silly.

The very useful wetbar which Em and I used for our make-up and hair supplies.

The bathroom was soooo pretty!

I want this headboard.

While we waited for Derek to get there (he was taking a test) we hung out at the fire pit and relaxed.  Ryan and I sat in the hot tub in the morning and it was perfect.  It was quiet and peaceful and you felt like you were the only people alive.  The mountains and the view were gorgeous. 

Can you see Ryan's head in the fire?  He thought this was clever :)  Overall the weekend was a blast.  I slept a little bit better knowing I was surrounded in luxury...if only for one night.  Though I think that would get old after a while it is fun to play dress up and pretend every once and a while.  Happy birthday to us! 

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