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Throughout my office we have a few little bowls sitting in random places filled with the Lifesavers mints.  We care about our patient's breath, but apparently not about their teeth.  We also supply Smarties for the wee ones who think the mints are "spicy".  Of course when the Smarties are mixed with the mints, even though they both have wrappers, the Smarties ultimately end up tasting like mint since the mint flavor is so potent. 
But I digress.  
Well now I work downstairs and we have again decided we want to keep up with having a little treat for the patients.  This time the treats were color coordinated with the decor of the office.  We now have a mix of Lifesavers mints, peppermints, cinnamon and butterscotch hard candies to make a nice red, white and orange arrangement.  I quite like it actually.  My problem is, I'm neurotic.  Everyone who comes in, including employees, takes the butterscotch candies and doesn't hardly touch the others.  Now, I know the other candies don't know that they aren't getting picked or anything, but it kinda makes me feel bad that the butterscotch are the only ones getting chosen.  It also freaks me out that we have an uneven number of orange candies compared to red and white candies.  My seclusion to the 2nd floor has me thinking crazy.  Does anyone know where I can pick up some sanity individually wrapped butterscotch candies? 

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