Welcome to Miami

4:59 PM

Cue the Will Smith song.
Ryan and I took a little trip to visit Em and Derek before Derek starts Med School.

Road Trip!!

We hit a little accident on the way down.

And also a car fire.  Look at that smoke!

It looks like a scene from a movie.  Kinda scary.

View from Em and Derek's apartment

Sisters united!!

Their pool was an infinity pool and was so gorgeous!  They live on the 18th floor of a high-rise and the pool is actually on the 11th floor so the hooligans don't hop the fence and join our party.  It was seriously like staying in a hotel, but waaaay nicer.

Miami also has some large bugs.  Ick.

Miami was full of some crazy stuff.  We saw this around midnight so we were a little late to visit the museum.  Darn.  Better luck next time.

The arena of the reigning champs the Miami Heat.
(Sorry for the fuzzy pic...all of these pics were taken with my camera phone.)  
Em and Derek said that the cheering in the city was so loud the night they won the championships.  It went on until about 4am.  Makes it a little tough to sleep when you live right by the action.

View from their balcony during the day.

It was a little to hight up to jump in, but you all know Ryan wanted to.

Time to hit up South Beach!

It was a perfect beach day.

Em and Derek's place.  We had to go up 9 floors to get to their parking space.  I was a little sick every time we parked, but such is life in a high-rise.

We had to see what the hype was about.

We were pleased with the burgers but the actual shakes were a little overpriced.  Still a good overall food experience though.

No Miami trip would be complete without a trip to Dash.  We waved high to the Kardashian sisters.  
Thanks to Derek who drove around finding this place and who dropped us off and drove around while we took some pics.  You're the best!

Em your hair is so long!!  Love it!

The building there in green is Em and Derek's building.  We were so sad to have to come home and leave the paradise that is Miami.
Before we left we got to go to church at their ward.  The church looked like the building Ryan and I went to in Nicaragua but it was in downtown Miami.  They had no pews...just chairs.  A little touch on the bum.  Most of the ward only spoke spanish.  Em and I wore a headset during sacrament and spend the 2nd and 3rd hour in primary.  The ward was so friendly and kind.  We felt so welcome!  
We got to stay for a triple baptism after church.  That's right...triple baptism.  Crazy right?!  There were two older men and one 9 year old boy.  It was such a great experience to see them change their lives and commit to the Gospel.  The 9 year old boy was the first to be baptized in his family.  His 7 year old brother cried after the baptism because he wasn't able to be baptized too.  It was so cute!  And so great for his family.  Em and Derek work a lot with the missionaries and I am excited to hear more about all of the missionary work that is going on down there.
Em is the 2nd councilor in the Young Women and Derek is the assistant ward mission leader and the translator for sacrament.  It is awesome to see them get involved with their ward and to see how happy the gospel makes us all.  What a blessing to know who we are and where we are going.
Can't wait for another Miami trip hopefully soon!!

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