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I am going to try not to cry while I write this post...if I don't blog for a while it's because the salt water tears have ruined my keyboard....sigh...here we go...

For the last weekend the Broadbents were in town we went on a little date to Gloria's Little Italy.  We both had never been and it was fun to try something new and exciting.  Thank you street stranger for taking this very reflective picture.

I wasn't able to make it to Sacramento that weekend for something important, but going to Gloria's helped me to remember Paul in my own special way, even in Provo.  We will miss you Paul.

I was lame and kept snapping pictures of Tyler and Lara like it was going out of style.  I just wanted to make sure we got a good one to rememebr them by until we visit Nebraska!

We tried to get a serious picture of all 4 of us...it was basically impossible.  These pictures don't mean anything to anyone but us but I have to put them up to always remember the good times. 

Ryan looks super creepy and I look like I'm crying.  Nice.

We did it!  Even though it was blury.

Friends forever!  It took me over a week to post these pictures because I seriously get so emotional thinking about how so many of our friends have moved on...W and D you know who you are!  We couldn't be more happy for them but miss them like crazy.  You never know what life will bring and in way of friends Ryan and I couldn't be luckier. 

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