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This is where we live!  If we weren't doing wedding stuff we were here and it was glorious.

There were even a few good waves for jumping.

After the beach we headed to Dakines, a local mexican spot.

You know you live beachside when buildings are plastered in skate and surf stickers.

Another day, another beach trip.

Derek's face is priceless

That mexi-stash is seriously outrageous Mike.

We were squinty but so happy to be in Florida!

The parents took us to Bazzaros...another local spot.

Just when you think you aren't sunburnt enough we head to the pool after the day at the beach.  The water was really warm but it felt good to get the salt water off your skin.

This may not seem hot to some of you from AZ or CA but add a bucket-load of humidity and a heat index of 109 and yeah...it's hot.  Hence all the water activities!

We hit up our last local spot Cantina.  It was fun because both mine and Ryan's parents were there.  We are so lucky that we got to spend so much time with both sides of the family.

The whole gang.

We went and visited Luke after dinner.  We brought him and his family some fresh salmon that Dad had just caught.

Me and Nana

I love my mom


I was starting to get sad because I was leaving Ryan behind.

But we managed to stay optimistic :)

Mr. Comet!

If there was a fire in the house no doubt the first thing I'd be running for is Comet.  I wanted to stick him in my suitcase, but Ryan said no.

My cookie from our Japanese friends.  Apparently the way you eat it tells something about you.  I ate the head first indicating my strong-headedness and my go get 'em attitude.  Ryan ate his tale first indicating that he waits for good things to come to him and that he is the nicest guy in the world.  Enough said.
We had a great trip and are counting down the day until we are back in Florida for good. 

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