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One thing Ryan and I had yet to do as a married couple was go to a concert together, so when we heard Jack Johnson was coming to SLC we jumped at the chance to see him.  Here are some on the highlights of the night.

I love that Ryan was trying to look good here and that was the result :)  90% of our pictures are me and Ryan with his eyes closed.

If you look reeeeeealy closely the street name is Sarah Jane.  Sorry about the bad pic...I took it while driving...in bumper to bumper traffic.

Can you see the purpley-blue blur in the grass?  I couldn't wait to use the bathrooms at the concert so we made a pit stop.  We parked so far away and we had been in the car for over an hour and a half in traffic.  Don't judge me.

The place was packed!

Derek playing hide-and-seek with the camera.  Silly Derek.

I had a smidge of cotton candy.  Again, don't judge me.

The best part of the night!  Jack Johnson was amazing.  He literally sounded better in person that on the CD, if that is even possible.  He was super chill and played for almost 2 hours.  The poor guy was loosing his voice by the end of the night.  He also forgot some lyrics, but took it like a champ and just kept singing.  He even read all the handwritten signs out loud and commented on them. 

100% of the proceeds of this concert went to charity.  Jack is a stand-up guy.

Jack and his wife have been married for 17 years and they are still together. It was sweet to know a lot of those songs were for her. 

And Jack, if you are reading this, thank you so much for cutting off the shaggy hair and for growing that sexy scruff.  I approve. 

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