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I look forward to General Conference every year and this year was especially exciting because it was our last chance to go to conference before our big move.  We invited Steffi and Ephraim to come with us.  This is where we watched the first session...in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building chapel.  The architecture is stunning.

After a delicious lunch of Olive Garden we made our way through the masses to the Conference Center.

This is Steffi and Ephraim's last trip to conference too before they go back to Switzerland!  Don't worry guys...we will be coming for an extended visit :)

Not too bad of a shot for just a digital camera.  I'm not the best photographer but I'm glad i got this shot!  I will miss the Salt Lake temple.  It's so stunning in person and it really makes you think about the sacrifices made to build such a magnificent building.

I'm pretty sure I wasn't suppose to be taking pictures but my flash was off and I was being discrete.  It's really hard to make out but that is President Monson coming in 10 minutes before the meeting.  My favorite part is seeing everyone stand and get completely silent and watch the prophet of the Lord walk into the conference.  It's a great feeling to know we are lead by an inspired man.

Thanks for the great seats Dad!  One of the perks for my Dad's tireless efforts as a Stake President is good tickets...and a parking pass.  I have to say I'm sad we won't be able to be there next October, but I think I'll take listening to conference in my PJs ok too.

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