9:59 AM

It's official...our Branbury duties are over.  March was our last working month and now we are home free!  We seriously don't know what to do with ourselves and all of our free time now that our nights are free.  We had to snap a few pictures for posterity sake so we can always remember our seemingly endless nights at the Clubhouse. 
10 points for me for actually staying to close up until 11pm.  10,000 points for Ryan who ALWAYS stayed to close up at 11pm.  Not going to miss those late nights that is for sure.

Working hard...or hardly working?  Hmmm...

Annie is another awesome RA who, like me, doesn't take crap from the residents :) haha

Now he's working :)

Bye Bye Branbury!  See ya lata!

Now time to book it out of there! Hahaha.  What would we have done without reduced rent?  I seriously have no idea.  Our American Express thanks you Branbury.

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