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Life is crazy right now, to say the least. 
I have less than one week left at my job, our entire apartment to pack up, cars that need oil changes and tire rotations before a 2500 mile trek, Ryan is in the midst of finals, then 21 days until we step foot on FL soil, 16 days until we meet Macie, 9 days until graduation and 8 days til my momma gets here!  Phew! 
I have been mildly stressing out about a number of things.  I have a terrible habit of worrying about things that are out of my control at the time, but then when I have time/means to do something about it I am "too tired" or "too whiny" to do them.  Story of my life.  5pm rolls around and as long as my rear does not touch a couch or a bed I am good.  As soon as it does it's game over. 
I've decided that packing before my mom gets here is a perfectly good waste of time.  Ryan and I want to spend the last 3 weeks we have here enjoying our friends, relaxing in the hot tub, going on walks and enjoying the last of our completely private life before we move in (temporarily, mind you.) with the 'rents.  So I'm leaving it up to my super-human husband and I to pack everything we own within 3 days. 
Yesterday I was having one-of-those days.  Not that my world was collapsing around me or anything, just that I kinda felt like it was and I wanted to complain like it was, even though I knew it wasn't.  Momma H was kind enough to listen to my babbling and give me some fabulous advice.  Basically in a nutshell she told me to simmer-down and stop worrying so much...but much more eloquently.  And for some reason hearing it from her made me do just that.  I actually started to relax.  I made a yummy dinner, we sat in the hot tub and then watched Castle.  I did complain about my teeth a bit, but the whining was definitely at a minimum.  Dang you candy old lady, sensitive teeth.  Anywho, I'm going to take my momma's advice and not worry about boxes and packing tape, big mirrors breaking in the move, cars potentially breaking down, funds that will soon be drying up, and deadlines that will be soon coming.  Instead I will spend the evening with friends at the temple doing sealings and counting my many blessings. 
Thanks mom.

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