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If I hear, "The summer is over and I am so excited for winter!" one more time I might loose it.  Seriously people.  You really want to shovel snow off of your car every morning for the next 5 months?  No, I don't like the feeling of sweat dripping down my back either, but I would soooo rather be sweaty than fear for my life every time I have to drive to the grocery store because some idiot who has never driven in snow before thinks that going 25 mph in an icy parking lot is cool.  I never fear for my life in the summer time.  Yes, winter does have it's perks...an excuse to buy sweaters, drink hot chocolate and not feel bad about not going to the gym because the weather is too scary to drive.  Too bad I've cut waaay back on my sugar intake, cut my clothing budget in half (thank you grad school applications and moving) and have a conveniently located gym at my apartment clubhouse.  Nice.  Though, if we play our cards right, this might be the last winter Ryan and I will be shoveling snow...and that right there is reason enough to celebrate.  Bring on the blizzards.  

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