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So I haven't posted any pictures in a while so here goes. 
 Emily was gracious enough to snag Ryan and I some tickets to AXP's end of the summer party.  Nitro Circus was the main event.

APX turned their whole front lawn into dirt bike heaven.

The whole crew jumped from a helicopter and landed in the arena!

And here is Travis Pastrana!

Ryan was loooving this!  It was nice to go to a manly event for a change.  Ryan is always so good about doing girly stuff with me so I was happy to oblige a little testosterone filled fun.  I have to say though, we have to keep our distnace from these events or Ryan would have jumped in their trailer to join them.

The crazy dude with the bandana was super funny in the show.  He is actually the group's lawyer!  Doesn't really look like the lawyer type huh.

Travis Pastrana really did some crazy stunts/tricks/stuff (I have no idea what to call them) and I was super impressed.  He is reeeealy tall and gangly though.  Not what I was expecting!  The show was amazing and thankfully no one got injured.  Overall it was a pretty exciting night. 

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