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Fall is upon us!  Once my birthday hits I can feel a change in the air.  I start to get excited about the leaves changing colors and the air getting a little crisper.  So I decided to make an apple crisp to commemorate the change of seasons...and because apples were on sale at Sunflower for .57 cents a lb! 
The lighting is bad on these pictures...my apples were not green...my kitchen light stinks.

Not being a frequent baker I was impressed with my creation.  Though, this is probably the easiest thing to bake, I am still proud.  The house smelled like fall while it was baking and I loved it!  Here is the link to the food network website with the Barefoot Contessa recipe.  I loooove Barefoot Contessa..and her perfect house in the Hamptons.  She always delivers and this was no exception. Enjoy! 

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