5 March 2010

2:39 PM

So when I told my boss I was giving my two weeks notice she was nice and understanding. At the end of the conversation she was like, "Now, you know we don't do any goodbye parties or anything here, just so you know." I was kind of shocked she would even say anything. She was super nice until she made sure that I wasn't expecting any party in my honor before I left. So weird! So the girls in the office decided that was crazy and threw me a bagel and Dr. Pepper going away party anyway! They know me so well! The party was broken up at the end by my boss but for the few minutes we had just relaxing it was awesome. My last day at work was pretty normal and I still kinda feel like I'll be going back, but come Monday morning I'll be at home taking my vaca. Maybe by then it will hit me. Thanks for the party girls! You will be missed! xoxo

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