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Blogger has been a little finicky lately and has not been letting me post headings to my posts. not sure why, but I thought I would let everyone know since it just looks weird now.
This post will be a little different than most. I normally do a post everyday with a picture, but this week nothing has been worth taking pictures for until Saturday, so I thought, I made these rules of my blog, I can change them! So instead of a couple of posts from this week I will just do one to sum up what has been happening in our lives.
Work: As most of you already know I got a new job. It is pretty much doing all of the same things I did at my old job just now in the 21st century. They have electronic charting, which I'm trying to get used to, and have 4 more providers to schedule appointments for and to please. I would probably get shot if I didn't mention the amazing girls I get to work with. They really have been so nice and understanding as I fumble my way around the phone lines and the computers. It has been such a nice transition for me and I feel like I really lucked out finding so many sweet and fun co-workers. Getting my first paycheck next week won't be bad either.
School: Ryan basically lives at school. He has been working so hard and has been waking up sooo early to make sure he gets all of his assignments done and has ample time to study for his tests. I really feel bad for him sometimes because he comes home so wiped out...it's like they are slowly sucking out his brain or something! Dang you BYU and your ridiculously competitive M.E. program! Sigh. Even so, he always has a smile on his face and is more than happy to come home and help me with things around the house and spend time with me at night. He is gearing up to take the GRE and preping for his capstone classes next fall. I couldn't be more proud!
Church: It has almost been a year since I got my calling as Relief Society President. It truly has been life changing as I look at everything within the church so differently. It has humbled me to my knees and I am so grateful that the Lord stretches us to grow even when we are resistant. Our ward boundaries are changing. They made the official announcement today and my heart is broken. I know everything will be totally fine and our new ward will probably be awesome, but my heart belongs to this ward. Ryan and I have had so many wonderful experiences and met so many life-long friends that it leaves me a little empty to think about not coming back to all of these same people. I'm trying to have some faith and look forward to the future, which will I'm sure be great, but I just have to complain a little :)
Update: I am continuing my goal of doing the dishes. (Lame goal, I know.) I think Ryan is amazed that I've actually kept up with it! He knows how much I HATE doing them and I have to say that it hasn't been as bad to do them when there isn't a monster of a pile of dishes to tackle! Go figure! I'm slowly learning.

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