9 March 2010

5:58 PM

Ok so for those who don't know I do a lot of food posts so just be prepared. This recipe is reatively easy and makes for perfect leftovers. It's my Mom's chicken and potatoes. You just brown a couple of chicken breasts with olive oil and thyme for 2-3 mins on each side, but don't fully cook them. While your chicken is cooking slice 4-6 potatoes (depending on how hungry your man is) and cut up an onion as well. Put the potatoes and onions in a pot and salt and pepper them. Then place your chicken breasts on top of the potatoes and pour in about a half an inch of white wine vinegar on top of everything. Turn the heat to medium and put a lid on top and let the steam of the vinegar do the cooking. Continue to stir and pour in vinegar as needed until potatoes are cooked. Watch this though because the vinegar burns out quickly! Your house may smell like vinegar for a day, but your belly will thank you later!

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