8 March 2010

12:38 PM

Monday was my first official day of vacation. It has been wonderful to have time to relax and do some things I have been putting off for a long time. Jenni and I celebrated her birthday at Cafe Rio and caught up with all of the work and life drama...oh how I miss her! Then I went to visit Lara to get my teeth cleaned for the first time in...well...nevermind. Lets just say it's been a while. It was fun to see what she does and she did a great job and was super gentle. I was impressed! I then made a monthly menu of meals for Ryan and I and watched some TV shows on DVD while starting my new "I'm NOT going to eat In-N-Out more than 3 times a week" diet by making a salad with grilled chicken. It was a productive first day of vacation.

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