6:50 PM

This season of dancing with the stars is filled with crazy celebrities. Ryan and I watched the premier and we have to say that we are totally rooting for Nicey Nash. She is super funny and we are hoping that she can go all the way! Buzz Aldrin was kinda awkward to watch but he is so brave to go on national television and dance when he is 80 years old! When I'm 80 I hope to be just as vivacious. The only trash I can't hardly stand is freakin Kate Gosslin! Now, I don't know anything about her personal life beside what is in the tabloids but when you have 8 kids I don't know how you can manage 4 hour a day practices much less hair, make-up and interviewing time...oh yeah and the after-parties. I just don't get it! Maybe because I'm not a single mom, or even a mother for that matter, but I just don't know if I would give up time with my kids to be on a TV show. Now I don't think I will ever have to make that decision and I truly hope I don't EVER have 8 children so I guess I will try not to judge and just shut up and watch the crazies dance!

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