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Last weekend we went camping with our ward.  Last year we went camping with our old ward and it took me a lot of convincing to go and the experience was less than desirable.  It was super cold and rainy and the food was...well lets just say I didn't eat a whole lot.  This year was WAY better.  Our bishop has a cabin close to the Manti Temple where they were happening to have the pageant on the same weekend of the camp-out.  It was a blast to drive down with our friends and all pitch a tent together and enjoy tri-tip steak for dinner.  We all got a great nap during the pageant (whoops) and we even had access to a bathroom and running water to wash up at night and in the morning.  My kind of camping!  It was a great camping experience for me and redeemed Ryan's hope of ever camping again.  Here is a picture overload of the weekend.

The car was packed full!  And you can see my snuggie.

Poor Lara had to climb in and out a million times.

They might have been squished but they were happy.

The Manti Temple

A pic of the Bishop's cabin

All 6 of us fit inside that tent.  That's were the magic happens.

Us at the pageant...right before we took a fabulous nap.

Ryan was drinking this delicious drink...some kind of homemade lemonade and I couldn't drink any of it :(  Ryan enjoyed it though.

The bugs were out in full force that night and Whitney was fully protected. Lol

Ryan and Tyler surprisingly didn't break this rope swing when they did a double dismount from the tree.  Surprisingly no one was hurt during this crazy weekend. 

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