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Dada is usually every child's first word.  Now why is that?  Mommy birthed you, fed you in the middle of the night, and most of the time is the one person you spend the most time with as a baby, and yet our first word is Dada.  My theory is that Dad has always been the one to play with you when Mom had a headache or was too tired.  Dad would tickle you and bring you home fun things from work.  He would read you stories and let you stay up later when Mom wasn't home.  Our Dad's have always been our heros.
I am truly the female version of my Dad.  We have acne together, we have indigestion together, we even have low blood sugar together!  But we also have the same mannerisms, the same zest for the gospel and the same drive that makes it hard for us to accept anything but perfection.  My Dad has always been my hero.  When life got hard, my Dad perservered and always turned to the gospel for strength.  Though busy with numberous callings he always made time for me and my siblings.  We would play games together, go to the beach and watch old movies.  Even working in the yard would be fun because Dad was there.  As I have gotten older I can see how influencial my Dad has been in my life and am so grateful for what he has taught me and look forward to the many lessons I know he will continue to teach me.  
When I was little someone once told me I looked exactly like my Dad.  I later went to my Mom crying saying, "I look like a boy!"  No, I don't think I look like a boy, but I am proud to say I am my father's daughter. 

Right before Ryan and I got married I took a trip to Nicaragua with his family.  I was nervous to go to a country that spoke Spanish since I had only taken 2 years of Latin in High School and only knew like 5 Spanish words.  One word I learned on that trip was Nuera.  Nuera means daughter-in-law in Spanish and my father-in-law called me that throughtout the whole trip.  Though Ryan and I weren't married my father-in-law, Mark, made me feel welcome and a part of the family as he introduced me to all of their friends.  
Mark is a business man by day but a true adventurer at heart.  There is hardly anything that will get in the way of Mark having a little fun...even if it means taking my husband out in a hurricane to surf because the waves are good :)  He is such an example to me of someone with a pure heart who is always willing to serve and help out a friend.  I know that Ryan got his easy-going nature and his big heart from his Dad.  I have felt some much love from Mark and know that Ryan will also be an amazing Father as he has had a great example to pave the way.  I have been so blessed to marry into such a loving and accepting family. 
Mark, you too are my hero!  


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