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Yesterday I got a surprise in my mailbox.  My visiting teachers were coming over and so I rushed home from work and made my usual stop at the mailbox on the way inside. Normally I'm looking for my JCrew magazine or my Real Simple but neither of the magazines were due so I went just to not upset the postman as the stupid paper advertisements clog up our box.  Low and behold an envelope from the IRS.  Yikes! 
Ryan had done our taxes this year and my mind started to think of all the crazy scenarios for why the IRS would send us something.  I went inside and opened the envelope and instead of a notice to audit us I found a check.  An $800.26 check to be exact!  So I show Ryan and we start to think about his...why would the government give us $800 dollars?  Is this a scam?  Do we really have $800 more dollars to put in the bank?  This NEVER happens right?
So this morning, between Ryan and I, we called every 1-800 number on the IRS website we could call to verify that this was indeed our money and that they wouldn't coming looking for it one day.  I finally, after being on hold for 25 minutes, got a hold of a nice country lady named Ms. Davis who promptly told me, after we played 20 very personal questions, that yes the money was ours!  Apparently we qualified for an $800 tax refund and they just never sent it to us!  (The .26 cents was interest)  This is by far the craziest thing because Ryan and I always talk about how cool it would be if someone just gave us money we weren't expecting it and how nice it would be to feel a little more secure...and then it happened!  I always hate seeing how much money from every paycheck gets taken out for Social Security and Medicare and State taxes and I absolutely still do, but at least for today I won't be complaining about it. 
We are so blessed.      

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