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A couple of Sundays ago we helped groom our friend Devon.  Whitney started by giving him an amazing mullet but the boys finished it off by shaving his head in the end.  We enjoyed the white-trash event as Devon, wrapped in a trash bag, watched his hair roam about the neighborhood.  

Lara and I went to a baby shower this weekend so we went to TJ Max looking for cute girl clothes.  There were so many cute baby girl clothes I wanted to die!  I ended up getting a little baby polo cardigan, a funny onesie and a little prepy dress.  Love it!  Everything was so tiny and adorable...and surprisingly afordable.  I would have bought everything in the store if I could've.  Made me a little excited to one day shop for my own little bundle of joy.

Did anybody else know that we have a dollar store in Provo?  No, no...I mean a DOLLAR store...yes...ONE DOLLAR...everything in the whole store is ONE DOLLAR or less!  Seriously I about had a heart attack when Lara took me into this amazing, albeit scary store.  You can find everything here...can openers...one dollar, aluminum foil...one dollar, a gallon jug of water...one dollar.  I mean, come on people!  This is crazy!  My mind is still blown days later thinking there is no way that store is making any profit, but Dollar Tree...you just found yourself a new customer.

Ryan and I took ourselves and a bag full of chips and Dr. Pepper up to our secret spot in the mountains Sunday after church.  It was so beautiful and sunny outside!  It was perfect weather for a nap and to read a good book which is eactly what we did.  Ryan napped while I finished reading my book.  We have been going to this same park since we moved out here and we feel like it's our special place now to get away from it all and to just relax and soak up the much needed sun. It was a perfect way to wrap up the short weekend.

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