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I have been thinking a lot about Ryan and I's future home lately.  I have been missing my old job where I got to be involved in more hands on projects with construction and design.  Though I didn't own the homes, or even live in them, I came to appreciate good design and got to see a lot of what is out there and I'm starting to get excited for the time when I can put my own style and good bargain hunting skills to good use.  Here are a few design inspirations that I have been thinking about lately.

Living Room

Office Space




Outdoor Space


Yes, yes...I know that the chances of my house actually looking like any of these pictures is probably slim to none because it will be full of toys and diapers and eventually teenage messes (oh yeah and we will actually have to pay for this stuff!  Yikes!) but I hope to pull off a little bit of style while someday making a house a home.  Wish me luck!

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