9:30 AM

My Dad is in town this week for business and we got to spend some quality time with him at Brick Oven last night.  It was great to see him!  The weather was not so inviting so he had to run to Gap to buy a sweater because it has been so cold.  It was great to catch up and get fed in the process :)  Dad has been working on a lot of projects for the Church with his job in Tampa and in Orlando and will be in Vegas on Friday all while being the Stake President!  I can't believe all of the things he gets done in one day.  He still has four more years in that calling and he has loved every minute of it.  He has been such a great example to me of service in the church especially when it isn't convenient.  I'm so glad we got to spend time with him and am already looking forward to the next trip!    

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