6:52 PM

Today I'm missing Florida. Maybe it's because I woke up to snow on my car, or that I had to use my seat heater because it was 30 degrees when I got into my car, or that I had to wear my winter coat to walk 100 yards from my parking spot into work. Sigh.
I miss the sunshine, the salty air rusting everything in sight, the fact that you can't stand outside for longer than a minute without sweating, Ryan's hair after he comes back from a session, wearing your bathing suit and flip flops to the grocery store with no one blinking an eye, my mom's flowers blooming in the backyard, Comet jumping like a rabbit through the grass, and life changing talks on the beach. Sigh.
Maybe I'm missing it so much because I feel like when we get back to Florida we will be in a whole new part of life, even though we kinda won't. Ryan will still be a student...Grad student, but still...and I will probably still be working...we might start a family and buy a house (eventually) but my heart knows that we will be one step closer to our many goals. I really am enjoying "the journey" but am so looking forward to our next step in Floridise.
**For those of you wondering, yes that is Ryan surfing in El Salvador...at least I think it's El Salvador...I can't keep track.**

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