9:14 AM

It's been one week since finals got over and I have to say I am so happy to have Ryan back!  He basically stayed up all night last Tuesday working on a project.  He came home at 5 am then got up at 6 am to go take a test and then present his project.  He came home around 2 on Wednesday and was dead asleep until I came home from work and found him like this.  Seriously if anyone deserves a break it is him.  The engineering program has been intense and he has worked so hard trying to really learn everything and not just pass the class and I couldn't be more proud.  He only has 7 classes left to take before he graduates!  He has already started studying for the GRE and our next step will be applying for grad schools.  But for now I'm going to just let him relax and enjoy his month vacation while it lasts.

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