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The Branbury has it's ups and downs but one of it's down sides is it's very little storage.  Ryan's parents are coming into town next weekend and will be staying with us and I was getting so sick of the clutter in our place so Ryan took on a project to build us some storage space.  Here is the before picture: 
And here is the after:

I was seriously impressed with how Ryan thought of all the tiny details of the project and how he planned so that I could get three rows of canned food in there too :)  He did a great job and now there is so much more room in the kitchen for prep and more room for storing stuff that isn't so nice to look at, like Ryan's tools.  Here are a few more shots of the process.  My only contributions were picking out the handles and helping to stain the wood...everything else was Ryan and even Brad helped yesterday to finish it up. 

Probably the scariest picture of us ever.

Yes, with the lack of garage Ryan was cutting the wood inside the house.  Shout-out to Brad who dusted our whole place while we were at school and work.  You are the best Brad!  Thanks!

Thanks for the hard work boys!  1 million man points to Ryan for pulling this off.  You are amazing and I can't wait to use it!

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