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We got to pick up Ryan's parents from the airport last weekend for Leslie's Idaho reception.  We had an impromptu birthday party for Mark in the hotel with some yummy chocolate cake.

On our drive up to Idaho the next day we decided to stop at Lava Hotsprings for a little dip in the natural springs.  It was so fun!  I haven't been there in forever so it was fun to visit again.

The landscape was really beautiful.

That same night we got ready for Leslie and David's reception.  It was beautiful and fun to see all the Idaho side come out and support the newlyweds.

The reception was held in a new wing of the MC at BYU-Idaho.

We were soooo excited to run into the Baldwins!  They used to live in Florida but now live in Utah and it was such a wonderful surpise to see them there.  They knew my mom when she had just joined the church.  I am so grateful for wonderful friends...and here we are over 20 years later.  Crazy!

The whole family!

We also made our way over to Jackson Hole for a quick trip.  It was fun to play tourist for a few hours.

Our drive around Yellowstone was fun and we actually ran into a wild moose!  Ryan was stoked about seeing an animal outside of Bear World.

On Sunday I took Ryan and Mark on a tour of my old stomping grounds at BYU-Idaho.  Here they are in front of the engineering building.  Appropriate.

The gardens were beautiful this time of year.

The temple was so pretty and so peaceful to look at.  I wish the temple would have been there when I was there, but now I am pretty close with the Provo temple only being 5 minutes away.  When we go back home we will be over an hours drive away, but I know we will get to go often.  Our Rexburg adventures were so fun and I was glad Ryan was able to see where I went to school.  Thanks Leslie and David for giving us an excuse to party it up in Idaho. 

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