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My sister and her husband, a few weeks back, hiked Timp.  Yep, you know that crazy steep mountain here in Utah?  Well, apparently they were told it was a pretty mellow hike and that it would only take a few hours max to get to the top.  (I'm no genius but I've seen Timp...it doesn't exactly look like a light hike to me.)  Well, after hiking from 9 pm-2:30 am and still not having reached the top and then after a crazy 8 hour decent down the mountain my exhausted sister layed on the ground somewhere in the middle of mount Timp and said, "I quit."  Her sweet husband then did what every good parent knows never to do, but does anyway, he bribed her.  And he bribed her good.  He looked down at my sister and said, "If you can just get down this mountian I will buy you an iPod Touch."  And he did.  I actually went over and saw my sister and her beautiful iPod Touch yesterday in person and I got to thinking, what could I do so that Ryan would feel so bad for me that he would have to buy me something amazing?  Maybe raft the Grand Canyon...or run a marathon (if you know me at all you know how much I HATE running)...or maybe someone could drop me off in the middle of nowhere and let me hike my way back to civilization.  Just know that if I ever find myself just wanting to give up, a vision of a Chanel purse might just be the ticket to get me through.           

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