2:20 PM

Ok so normally I don't really mess too much with blogger...I just upload my pictures and say my peace but since I have some free time at work today I stumbled upon the stats tab and started looking at how many people have looked at my blog.  Did you know it tells you who is looking at your blog based upon who you are logged in as?  One of my favorite part of blogging is blog-stalking other people and the whole part of STALKING is for those people to not know that you are looking at their blog!  Am I right?  I'm a little bummed because I love looking at blogs, but now that I know people can see how lame I am by seeing that I look at their blog like 500 times a day, I'm a little less inclined to log on and stalk.  Maybe that is a good thing in theory, but I can't help it...I'm a little bit of a stalker...well blog-stalker anyways.  I don't want to mock you or make fun of your spelling mistakes, but I just want to know what up with your life and see how things are going, you know?  After you check your stats when you are done reading this, if I am on there as a frequent reader, just know that though I may not have a life, at least I like ya! 

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