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I was not a huge Bear World advocate this weekend, but we all got into the car and drove to Rigby to look at the bears. I had lived in Idaho for almost 3 years and I left before I ever stepped foot into Bear World and now that I traveled 4 hours to get to ID I go to Bear World.  Sigh.  I almost didn't think that there were any bears there at all, but I was for sure wrong.  The first 10 minutes you drive around looking at deer and sheep and some other animals I can't remember, then they pull a Jurassic Park on you and allow you to enter this gated area with the bears.  Rules were: #1:Do not roll down your windows.  #2:Do not stray from the maps course and #3:Do not feed the bears.  All rules were officially out the window as we of course rolled down our windows as soon as we saw the bears, then a person who will remain unnamed threw M&Ms at the bears from the window and then we had to go the wrong way through the park to go straight to the bear action.  And guess what...we are still alive!

I thought this one was cute

This duck really tried to chomp on Ryan's foot.  He got a little nibble but Ryan managed to leave unscathed.

We decided to go around one more time in the park and sure enough two bears started fighting right by our car!  It was crazy!  They were so close to us and were just about as tall as the SUV we were in.  The freaking Bear World Police were there in a few minutes to try to ruin our fun and they broke up the fight, but not before I got a good picture of the action.  Totally worth the time and money.

I never thought I would be all for Bear World, but all in all it was a pretty fun experience.  The bears were cute and they gave us a great show.  Rexburg doesn't have too much in the entertainment department, but Bear World is a highlight I wouldn't miss out on again. 

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