1 Feb 2010

5:51 PM

AAAHHHHH! This is my reaction to the month of February. I gave up about half way through the month because I didn't want to keep writing all the stuff I had to do. February is absolutely crazy and I just want to go to bed a wake up in March. I know, I shouldn't have a negative attitude, and I shouldn't complain because I really am so blessed, but sometimes I just need to pretend I don't have anything going on and then my ulcer won't flair up. The calendar is designed to help people remember what to do, but all I want to do is forget! Have you ever seen an extremely relaxed person thumbing through their calendar...no! It's always the uptight people trying to fit more stuff into those tiny boxes they give you. One bright spot is Ryan's parents will be flying in for the long weekend...and I get a four day week at work. The countdown begins now!

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