24 Feb 2010

5:29 PM

Say hello to the worlds WORST chick flick ever! I was sick yesterday so I thought a chick flick would cheer me up...except it only made me want to hang onto Ryan and never let him go! These single chicks are freakin crazy and manipulative! Please don't tell me there are real women out there dressing like hookers to get wealthy men to pay for their lavish lifestyles. Yes, it is a movie, and a LIFETIME movie no less. No offense to Lifetime, but they really could have made the movie less than 3 hours and hired actors who had some other expression besides the botox I-have-no-expression-because-I-have-been-shot-up-so-many-times-face. Seriously! This was no bueno for me. Ryan said I shouldn't bad-mouth the movie just in case someone from the movie is reading my blog...well, I guess we will cross that bridge IF we get there :)

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