20 Feb 2010

3:26 PM

If you could do anything with your one free Saturday what would you do? If you guessed prepare a last minute talk you would be right! We got called Saturday around lunchtime to give a talk about love at home for Sunday morning. Seriously not my idea of fun. I was so looking forward to a night of nothing and getting into my PJs and just watching Glee. Gotcha! The Lord had other plans for Ryan and I. At first I was pretty bitter about it. I feel like all I ever do is Relief Society stuff...not that that is a bad thing, but a girl could use a little break, you know? I started preparing the talk and if came together pretty quickly for me. After speaking I felt like the talk had been truly inspired because I could not have come up with all of that material by myself and I think with the time limit I relied more heavily upon the Spirit than usual. I was grateful for the experience and grateful I was reminded of some valuable truths of which I should be doing a better job. Service is never convenient and I was glad Ryan and I were up for the challenge.

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