16 Feb 2010

12:23 PM

Welcome to the house of nerds! No offense Ryan, but seriously! I went up to visit Ryan up at school and brought him dinner because he pretty much wasn't going to be able to sleep with all of the assignments and tests he had this week. I think Wendys and the biggest Dr. Pepper I could find hit the spot, but after looking around I realized I was in the house of nerds! Listening to these people's conversations just cracked me up! I couldn't hardly understand anything they were saying, but the funniest part is that they were all so serious about velocity and wind speed and law of thermodynamics...like if they didn't figure out this problem the world was going to collapes or something. Then I got to thinking...what would the world be like without engineers? The whole world might just fall apart of those nerds weren't worried about everything! So yes my husband my be surrounded by nerds, but I am grateful for my engineer and couldn't be more proud!

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