1 Jan 2010

8:25 PM

We trekked up to Jacksonville for lunch to see Grandpa and Grandpa Vorwaller on New Years Day. We had a great car ride up and enjoyed spending quality time eating and catching up with Grandma and Grandpa. It was great to see them and get to see what they had been up to these past few months. The Jacksonville mission is the second highest baptizing mission within the US and we know Grandma and Grandpa have something to do with that! I also took a tour of their house for the first time and finally got to see and feel of the goodness everyone always talks about. We were glad we made the trip.

While up in Jacksonville we also stopped by Nanny's house where the whole family was having the traditional rice and black-eyed peas meal for New Years. We celebrated by having a chinese auction which was a lot of fun. We enjoyed seeing everyone opening up the different gifts and fighting over the good ones. We also brought gifts for Nanny, and Ryan and I got her books from the Twilight Series so she can continue to read about Bella and her crazy adventures. We had a great time seeing Nanny and the whole family.

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