2 Jan 2010

6:02 PM

Even though the weather was unsually cold for a Florida winter we still made it a point to go to the beach. Ryan was trying to dress like it was 80 degrees but I still had to wear my cardigan. The beach will always hold a special place in our hearts as that is where our adventure began and it is always refreshing to walk up and down the beach together.

Probably my favorite picture of the trip! What you may believe is a very strange species of bird is actually Mark scarring the birds on the beach. He really blends in well though :)

After a nice walk on the beach with the Vorwallers we ate at Cantina. It was a fun meal catching up with Mom and Dad and if you look carefully above my Dad's head the ceiling is lined with surfboards! It was pretty sweet looking...Ryan said it was a waste of good surfboards. Spoken like a true surfer!

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