29 Jan 2010

4:46 PM

January is a huge month in the celeb world...it begins the start of award show season! It also means celebs are out and about preparing for shows and coming out of the woodwork. My question is...why can't I ever see one in person?!?! I totally live for celebrity blogging...i check it daily, I love my people.com I mean come on! Seriously! Jenni and I went celeb hunting up in Park City for the Sundance Film Festival and came up totally skunked. We did have a blast meeting people and getting tons of free stuff though, so believe me it was not a totally loss, and it totally makes it worth it when you have great company. Here's hoping for next year!

Date Night! Ryan and I went with Lara and Tyler and Mark and Debra to Jump On It to well...jump on it! It a crazy ghetto place made of trampolines where ADD kids come to give their parents an hour of relief. Cue the married people! The husbands were all about going crazy stunts and flips and the girls loved watching them fall all over the place. I decided to take some video and I have to say I was quite impressed by their jumping skills. We topped off the night by a crazy amount of Farrs ice cream and a $5 pizza and a movie. Gotta love Provo.

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