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For FHE on Monday we made gingerbread houses...actually we made graham cracker houses.  The poor man's gingerbread.  I found them way more easy to play with and just as yummy!  Ryan drove all over town trying to find everything we needed for the frosting and then graciously put together a few walls ahead of time for the sake of drying.  He's a trooper!

I happened to get a little message when I got home as well.
No, it's not "I love bird"...It's "I love cheeken".  And the cheeken is me.

We went to Winn Co to get some candy in bulk for "cheap".  $10 later we emerged with waaaay too much crap.  Our bad.  I hate stores like that though...big and impersonal, terrible lighting.  I sware the store was the size of a football field.  Maybe I'm not cool like everyone else but I was not impressed.  The cashier litterally threw our groceries at us.  And no, I don't want to bag my own groceries!  I just loaded them on that stupid conveyer belt and I'm a little tired.  Oh well.  Lesson learned. 

Ryan's house looked awesome.  He is so good at everything!

Everyone did so good!  The houses looked amazing!  We all got a little sick from eating the candy but other than that we were proud of our creations.  Rachel and Vince even made their dog Nix and the little surprises he leaves around the yard in chocolate.  Classic.  Janneke was a real artist and made a yummy chimney from Andes mints.  I was just happy my house didn't fall down. 
P.S. Ryan had already eaten all of my snow surrounding my house by the time I got hom from work the next day, so it will be a warm Christmas this year for my little graham cracker house.  

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