1:40 PM

This is by far the scariest picture I've ever seen.  Our snowman looks a little upset, but it's all good.

This week we woke up to a lot of snow.  I was happy that we would be having a white Christmas but surprisingly a lot of this snow has already melted!  Don't get me wrong it's still cold and dreary, just not as white out as I would like for our first Utah Christmas.  My Volvo is seriously covered.

Here is our snowman Frederick.  He's so cute!  He does have arms...it's just a little hard to see.  The snow was perfect for making snowmen.

Ryan looks so handsome in the snow.  Oh Utah...how I will not miss your blizzards when I'm at the beach sipping margaritas in Florida.  But for now I will take your winter wonderland and work with it.

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